Bring on the Battlecruiser

Yesterday I finished training up Gallente Cruiser 3 and Battlecruiser 2, which allowed me to finally pick up my Myrmidon from my trading alt in Jita and fly it!

Battlecruiser = Better cruiser

It kind of looks like a Chinese vampire from old ghost movies, those that hop around with their arms outstretched.

Transferring items from the alt is really easy with the contracting interface, since I can give myself a private item exchange contract for any amount of items I want to transfer. It costs a small fee of about 10k ISK, but well worth it for ease of use and now I don’t have to set up my own corp or rent an office.

My standings have actually increased enough for me to do Level 3 missions now, albeit lower quality ones. However, I’ve been holding off on them since I was still flying my little Vexor and I had serious misgivings about being able to tank Level 3s given that I had encountered a bit of trouble with some Level 2s. Now I could give the Myrmidon a spin, but first I had to fit it…

I was considering two possible fits, one the traditional Gallente armor tank, and another passive shield tank fitting which looked intriguing.

Armor tank:

Passive shield tank:

Fits created using EVE Fitting Tool, which is proving invaluable. It can let me see how much effective health the ship has, or the DPS that can be tanked, along with capacitor usage. While the passive shield tank looks like it has higher effective health and better tanking, I’m concerned that it isn’t cap stable if I run the 2 salvagers and 2 tractor beams, which I tend to do throughout missions. It’d be a pain to have to wait around to be able to salvage. This may be because I have poor shield and engineering skills, so I decided to go for the armor tank fit for now.

Once set up, I headed out and picked up a Level 3 mission. I have to say that my old Vexor would have gotten pureed instantly. Even with a tank that is almost twice as strong, I still had to warp out twice to repair and recharge my capacitor. The first time I actually went into structure because I looked over to my wife’s screen to watch a bit of Keroro Gunsou and looked back to see all my shields gone and my armor at 50% and dropping. My Myrmidon’s (brief) life flashed before my eyes as I hurriedly warped out and I had to be a lot more careful after that. The DPS isn’t fantastic because I’m still relying entirely on my T1 drones, which is exactly what I was doing even in the Vexor. According to EVE Fitting Tool 3 heavy Ogre I drones should do more dps than 5 medium Hammerhead I drones, but in practice it didn’t work out that way. It could be that heavy drones can’t hit cruisers and battlecruisers well, so in the end I still went with the Hammerheads. With some careful juggling of the 2 medium armor repairers to conserve capacitor and prioritizing the cruisers and battlecruisers as targets, I was able to tank everything and clear out the mission. Rewards were roughly 600k ISK + 300 loyalty points, not including salvage, so pretty decent and quite fun.

In other news, Tobold has decided to get in on EVE to try it out. He previously always cited concerns that the RMT through PLEXs killed his interest in the economic game, but I never really understood that since you could always… just not buy PLEX? It’s more fun to make ISK through trading anyway. I don’t have a burning need for ISK, having close to 800 million now and nothing to really spend it on as of yet. I’m curious to see how long he hangs in the game, although I have to admire his commitment in jumping straight into a subscription without even giving the trial a go. Just like me, he probably didn’t know about the 21-day trial that existing members can send in return for a free month if the trialee subscribes.

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