Bloody Battleship…

Sigh. My Myrmidon encountered a gigantic roadblock in my quest for galactic domination yesterday. I was rudely made aware that my Myrmidon was… somewhat lacking in the DPS department.

Or to put it another way, I’m unable to even scratch the paint on a bloody battleship.

The mission was Driving a Wedge 2/2, in which I had to destroy a Minmatar battleship. I was quite pumped because this was the first mission I had encountered which had battleship enemies, and I would need to be able to take them on to do Level 4 missions. I’d read of people doing level 4s in Myrmidons, so this shouldn’t be a problem right?

Holy bejesus crapola that battleship plus 6 or so cruisers shot the hell out of me the moment I warped in. I wasn’t even able to take down a single cruiser before I had to warp out with 25% of my structure gone. I then had to spend 5 minutes puttering around the station while 5 small hull repairers went to work (because I’m Scrooge Mcduck and refused to pay close to 300k for repairs). Hey, I just happened to pick up those 5 small hull repairers from random salvage, so it’s not like I can’t afford mediums. I just hadn’t planned on being pwned so thoroughly.

Second warp in went a bit better, I decided to head out on full afterburner on an oblique angle away from all the ships. I was still taking heavy fire initially, but as I gradually outdistanced some of the ships the DPS lessened to tankable levels. In the meantime my Hammerheads slowly whittled down the cruisers, which greatly reduced the incoming fire since the slow battleship was left wallowing more than 90km away.

Soon it was just me and the battleship. This mission would pay close to 1.2 million and 600 loyalty points, so I was already anticipating the cha-ching in my wallet. Ok, send in the Ogre heavy drones! Hmm… are they there yet… the battleship doesn’t seem to be taking damage. Ok I see a sliver of red, there we go… better get my salvagers ready… wtf he’s back to 100% shields. Ok now 99%… ok now 100%…

Bloody hell.

Ok maybe 3 Ogre I’s aren’t as good as 5 Hammerheads. Recall the defective Ogres and send out the trusty mediums again! Ahha, more damage! Annnd…. 90%. 95%. 90%. 95%.

My ship mounted no weapons besides the drones, except for a medium nosferatu. I tried to put myself into a close orbit and drain him with the nos, but after 5 plus minutes the situation remained unchanged. I would evidently need a bit more DPS to kill this guy.

Warp back to the station, and try to fit some guns. I managed to buy and put on 5 250mm railguns, loaded with antimatter charges for highest DPS. Warp back… aaaaand same result. About 80% shields at the most.

Punched myself in the face for being a noob after realising that railguns are the long range/low dps version of hybrid turrets. What I wanted was blasters…. ok I’ve never fit blasters before and have no idea what all these types are. What’s the difference between Ion, Neutron and Electron? I go by price and availability since I’m out in the boondocks here and prices are really crazy. I think I managed to fit 4 Heavy Neutron Blasters before my powergrid maxed out, antimatter charges loaded, warp off!

70% shields. Bloody hell.

By this time it was already past scheduled bedtime and Wife Aggro was building. I checked up the mission reports online for resistances, then realise that I can only use hybrid turrets and hybrid charges are only kinetic + thermal. Ouch, no choice there. Wait, this guy said he swapped out for gyrostabilisers and slowly wore him down! Forgot that I could switch to a weaker tanking setup and mount some weapon damage boosting modules. So I bought a couple of gyrostabilisers, jumped off to pick them up and mount them.

Warp in again… and realise that gyrostabilisers boost projectile damage, not hybrid turret damage (that’s magnetic field stabilisers…) ARRGH. COMPLETE FAILSAUCE, LEARN2READ YOU MORON.

At this point it was already 1130 pm, my wife had already gone to bed and I was pretty frustrated. I decided that randomly picking up modules here and there without trying them out first in EFT wasn’t really a good idea. So I resigned myself to failing the time bonus reward (by this time I’d already spent more than the mission rewards on guns and such) and decided to come back the next day to kill off this bloody battleship. I’ve since come up with a dps fit that has much more damage, will probably have to fly to Jita to pick up some of the gear first.

Armor Tanked DPS fit:

On the bright side I’m up to 800+ million now on the trading alt, so all this is small change. Technically I could just fail the mission and do another, but I take it as a challenge to learn more about fitting my ship for different circumstances.


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