Battleship go Bye Bye

Bwahaha. Payback is great. And not just because of Lucy Liu.

After the previous night’s misadventure, I logged in prepared for round 2. First up was a trip to Jita and back to pick up some modules for the DPS fit I had planned out earlier. I didn’t actually go with the exact fit listed, and instead went with Limited Ion Blasters because Modal Ion Particle Accelerators were going for 3 million ISK each. I could have afforded them, but I was unwilling to fork over 18 million for 6 of them just for one fight.

In hindsight this was really stupid, since I’m not actually buying them, just renting them. I could have easily just fit them, blown up the target, and come back to Jita to resell them for 3 million each again. That way I’d have been able to get higher DPS and only be out the “rental” of the transaction fees for the sale. Oh well. It ended well anyway but something to keep in mind for the future.

I had to refit for max tanking ability and clear out the pocket again first since by now the other ships had respawned. Being much better prepared this time, they stood no chance as I immediately kited the frigates and cruisers away from the wallowing battleship and creamed them with my drones. Once they were all down, it was time to warp back to the station and refit the ship for the true test.

Warped in, battleship at 70 km. Afterburner on and approach in a spiral to minimise incoming fire now that my tank was weaker. 12 km, 11 km, 10 km, statis webifier on him and he slows to a crawl. Orbit at 1000 meters and turn on all 6 guns!

His shields steadily dropped with each salvo. There was a bit of a sinking feeling when they hit a snag at his peak recharge band of 30-40%, but after yoyoing back and forth his shields finally dropped below 30% and his tank was broken. It was a foregone conclusion as his armor blew away in chunks and there was a satisfying explosion. Take that you bloody lump! And I didn’t even use a fraction of the 5000 antimatter charges I brought along too >.<

So now I'm pretty confident that I can take out battleship level opponents with this refit, although there may be a big problem if the mission involves fighting multiple battleships at a go. The reduced tank may not be able to take the incoming DPS, especially since I would only be able to be under the guns of one opponent at a time, and thus be exposed to the full DPS of the others. I'll probably have to tweak the fit to see if I can strengthen the tank while maintaining adequate damage.

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