One billion dollars…

So after reaching my mini milestone of half a billion ISK earlier in April, I’ve since doubled that and comfortably reached 1 billion. There are 1.05 billion ISK in buy/sell orders plus cash, and in addition to that I’m holding on to some inventory that came about as a result of the market for that item crashing too much for my tastes. If I sell them off for cost, that’s at least another 50 million.

My trading alt was created on 14 March 2010, and he reached this milestone yesterday so overall it took 1 month and 1 day. I check his orders before server downtime (7 pm here) after I get home if possible, and after downtime is over I check again before logging on to my main to do real stuff. Before going to bed (10.30 pm), I log on and adjust the orders again. Since I have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed my son (3 pm), I check and adjust the orders again, although this tends to be a quiet period where nothing much moves. In the morning, my wife helps me check and adjust the orders when she feeds our son again (7.30 am) and during the rest of the day she checks them once in a while, with special emphasis on what seems to be a peak period at around 5-5.30 pm our time.

From reading an advanced mining guide I found, it seems that the peak profits from mining are in the region of 66 million ISK/hour. That’s with the best possible skills, implants, and using a Hulk with best fittings to mine the best asteroids in 0.0 space. It also assumes non-stop mining, meaning someone is helping haul the ore and there is no travel time.

Seems pretty clear that mining isn’t really that great of a moneymaker, for that kind of expense I was expecting much greater returns. Plus in 0.0 you’d literally have to sit there watching yourself zap asteroids or risk getting ganked. Not something I want to spend my evenings doing.

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