My first PvP… almost

Couple of days back I almost had my first PvP moment in EVE. Kind of anti-climatic in that nothing really happened, but I don’t think I stood any chance so if I had engaged so it would have been pointless.

I was doing some level 3 mission in my Myrmidon and was having a semi-difficult time of it. Incoming DPS was significant and there were a couple of neuting and webbing towers together with sentry guns that were chewing through my armor quickly. The neut towers drained my cap too quickly for me to maintain my 2 medium armor repairers, so I had to frequently warp out and repair/recharge shields and cap. This also meant that I couldn’t do my usual salvage-as-I-go routine since it was all I could handle just to keep from blowing up while my drones slowly took down enemy ships.

Midway through a yellow Cheetah suddenly shows up on my overview. I don’t even know what type of ship a Cheetah is, but a quick look on show info tells me it’s a tech 2 ship so obviously the pilot has a decent amount of skillpoints and is likely sporting all tech 2 equipment too. It’s a 0.7 security system so I’m not really concerned about him shooting me since CONCORD will descend on him and grind him into a dark slimy paste, similar to what my wife finds in our baby’s diapers.

Suddenly he goes to flashing RED on my overview and I get a moment of panic. Wait, he’s still 20+ km off. Oh. He just looted from one of numerous my wrecks which were floating around and ninja-salvaged it.

Fortunately, from reading other EVE blogs I knew that he was probably just baiting me. If I opened fire on him, he would very likely just warp out and bring in some other ship to wtfpwn me. Given that my Myrmidon had no web and no warp disruptor and had 2 tractor beams and 2 salvagers equipped, there wasn’t any way I could DPS him fast enough to take him down before he just warped off. Not to mention the bloody sentries and EW towers still nipping away at my battlecruiser. Besides, it’s not exactly like I’m hard up for the salvage, I’m not doing the missions to get ISK although it’s a nice bonus.

I’m guessing that he was probably getting annoyed not only by my unwillingness to take his bait, but also by my general incompetence since over the next 15 minutes or so I had to warp off a couple more times to repair/recharge. When I warped off, he probably came under fire from the NPCs and the EW towers and had to warp off too or risk being caught tanking them if I warped back in and engaged him. So we went back and forth a couple of times, even meeting at the acceleration gate at point blank range once. Too bad I still didn’t have any PvP modules fit so I just ignored him again.

Eventually I cleared out all the NPCs and salvaged what wrecks remained while he continued exercising his ninja abilities. The only thing left was the subspace telescope thingamajig I was supposed to destroy to finish the mission, so I sent off my drones to watch them slowly nibble away. And I mean slowly.

Fortunately, the Cheetah’s aggression timer had run out by this time and he had no way to put it on again since the wrecks were all gone. So he warps off and comes back in a shiny Curse, another tech 2 ship. He launches a flight of Hammerhead IIs (yes I can see that I’m totally outclassed here) and starts firing at the telescope thing. At this point I’m not too sure what his intentions are, but I’m fairly sure that the mission gets completed as long as the telescope gets destroyed, even if I don’t get the killing blow or something. And I had already done some damage to the thing, so it should be tagged or something? No clue how this works.

The telescope goes boom, mission complete, and a cargo container drops, which he immediately scoops up, setting himself red to me again. Ok… enjoy your epic loots of 100 heavy missiles or something, thanks for helping me destroy something which would have taken forever otherwise! And I warp off back to my station to turn in the mission and drop off my salvage.

Granted, I don’t really know what his intentions were. He had no way of knowing what a new pilot I was, so he might have thought that he could get a nice fair fight 1v1 a Myrmidon. On the other hand, he could probably see I was using lousy tech 1 drones and was equipped for salvaging. I also later found out that the Cheetah is a common probing ship, so he was specifically probing for mission runners. I’m not sure why he was doing this in high sec, if he wanted a fight he could have just looked for someone in low or null sec? Either way it looks suspiciously like someone trying to gank a newbie. I can imagine someone new who depends on the income from salvaging getting angry and firing a few rounds at him to “chase him off”, without being aware that he can then come back in a big combat ship and fire at will.

Once I get my standings high enough to get a jump clone and train up some frigate PvP skills, I’ll probably be more willing to engage such would-be griefers.

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