Toddling into manufacturing

Haven’t been able to play much recently besides updating market orders. That’s still progressing at a nice pace, probably have 1.5 billion now but some is tied up in inventory, plus I foresee some additional expenditures in the near future.

I decided to start planning for some activity on the industrial side, since that’s something I always wanted to dabble in. So it looks like my main will be a combat/industrial pilot, possibly with some research thrown into the mix. It’ll still be a while before I start actually making things, but I figured I should start looking into what I’ll need.

And boy did that turn out to be the right decision. I purchased a Rifter original blueprint off the market at Jita for about 6 million ISK. At first I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure whether it was an original or not, and the market interface doesn’t give you any ways to check, unlike in the contract interface. I figured out that the market blueprints seem to be all originals, even though it’s not specified. Those sold from NPCs are obviously BPOs, but in this case the Rifter was a Minmatar frigate. Thus, the BPO has to be bought from Minmatar space. I’d likely be able to buy it for much cheaper if I travelled there, but I felt that it wasn’t really worth jumping 10+ systems and all the way back just to save a couple of million.

So, now I had a original blueprint of my own. However, before I started making anything from it, it would be a good idea to first do some Material and Time Efficiency research on it. The former reduces the amount of minerals needed to build an item, and the second reduces the time needed to make it. Material research is very popular, and I’d heard that there were long queues to do it since you can only do research at a lab and they have limited slots.

Going through the list of available slots, I found that the shortest queue in a reasonable distance was at a station 6 jumps from Jita. With a wait of 19+ days. Hoo boy. In addition, adding 10 levels of material efficiency would take about 12 days. That right there is more than a month before I’ll see that blueprint again…

In hindsight I should have started sooner, but on the other hand there’s no benefit to me to rush the research only to have the blueprint sit unused in my hangar since I’m not ready skill-wise to start making Rifters yet (or even pilot them). I could also have cut down some of the waiting time by using a low-sec research station, but … yeah that’s not a good idea. >.<


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