I can smell that new battleship…

I’ve been training Gallente Cruiser IV for the past 4 days. In about a day, that will be done and I can finally inject Gallente Battleship into my skill queue. And once that’s done (shouldn’t take that long… I hope…) I’ll finally be able to fly my Dominix! It’s been sitting in my hangar for what seems like eons, quietly sulking in the corner from the lack of attention.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the right skills to fit it properly. According to EFT it doesn’t even seem like it has a much better tank, which is actually somewhat strange. Maybe I need to change my fitting around a bit… and I still can’t use sentry drones.

In any case, I’ve been pondering about whether it’s worth it to take my learning skills to 5. It seems like an incredibly long investment, taking 4 days plus for each rank 1 skill and a mind-numbing 16 days for each of the rank 3s. That would be 16+64=80 days of training just to raise each attribute by +2 (not counting charisma). I don’t even know how long I would have to play EVE in order to recoup that investment in training time.

The other alternative is to make use of the free attribute remap. I’ve read that the vast majority of skills use perception/intelligence as the primary attribute, so it makes sense to remap to max out those 2 and minimise the rest. The only exceptions would be drone and industry skills, which require memory as a primary attribute. Unfortunately… I’m flying drone boats and am planning to go into industry 😦 Again, I’d like to know exactly how much of an impact a remap would make.

The last and most expensive alternative would be getting a set of +5 implants. I’m currently using +3 implants, which cost about 10 million each. +5 implants seem to cost about 100 million each… yeah I could afford it, given that I’ve reached 2 billion ISK as of now. But spending 400 million is still a big decision.

So the common theme is that I don’t know how much of a difference increasing my attributes actually has. If they save me a couple of days over a year then it’s not exactly very exciting. The solution would seem to be EVEmon, the tool that everyone raves about since it lets you plan out your skills and even advises what skills to train, including learning skills. It also allows for some what-if analysis. Sounds perfect!

Except that I can’t install it on my home PC. It requires Microsoft .NET 2.0, and I can’t seem to install it on my XP system despite numerous attempts. But ahhah! It installed just fine on my office machine, so I’m good right?

Wait, it needs my EVE limited API key to import my character settings and skills. Ok no big deal, there’s a handy dandy link to the EVE main site which allows me to get my API key.

Except that I can’t log on to the web site 😐 I can log on to the game just fine, but the website login gives me a “service is unavailable” message. I can only imagine the amount of anguish this would cause someone who was trying to renew his subscription or something.

Oh wait, the website is finally running. Kek. Time to try this thing out!


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