Bit the bullet

So suffice to say my efforts to get EVEmon up and running still ended in failure. I wasn’t able to get my API key from EVE’s website, so I couldn’t check out how my skill training times could be improved.

But what the heck, when I got home I decided to remap anyway. It made sense that the vast majority of skills were int/per based, and I was wasting points in cha which weren’t being used. I’ve seen people recommend a 15 per/9 int stat range for combat focused pilots, as most of the weapons/piloting skills are based on per. However, I still need to train up a lot of support skills which require int. So I ended up going for a 12 per/12 int stat allocation.

I must say that the differences in training times are significant. After the remap, I went from 20 in every stat (except cha) to 24 per/int and 17 mem/will. Just as an example, Caldari Cruiser 3 would have taken me 17 hours 48 minutes before. Now it takes 16 hours 23 minutes, a benefit of more than an hour. Repair Systems 5 would have taken 4 days 18 hours, but now takes 4 days 8 hours. I should have remapped long ago! It’ll take me longer to train drone skills now, but the secondary stat is per anyway so I don’t totally lose out and I think I gain much more.

Emboldened by these results, I realised that I could gain almost the same improvement by upgrading to +5 implants from my current +3s. After some dithering about the cost (more than 100 million ISK each) I was smacked gently by my wife who reminded me that having a humongous ISK balance in my wallet doesn’t earn me any awards. So cha-ching, 430 million ISK spent on +5s.

Except I then realised that the +5 implants require Cybernetics 5. And I was at Cybernetics 1.

Arrrgh. At least Cybernetics is a int primary skill, so ok, lets see how long it takes to train… Holy crap, Cybernetics 5 alone takes 2 FOOKING WEEKS.

At the current rate of return, I would have to play for a loooong time (ok maybe a year or more) in order for the implants to save me enough skill training time to justify training nothing for 2 weeks, not to mention the 430 million price tag. So I’m a bit hesitant. However, +4 implants, which require Cybernetics 4, only take 2 days. Oh well, guess that’s a bit more worth it so I bought the implants and started the training.

Now to figure out if Learning 5 (4 days) is worth it…

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