Om Dom Dom

Busy weekend in EVE for me, especially since I had a really long Labor Day weekend with days off on Friday and Monday.

Dominix has arrived

After playing for about 2 months, I finally was able to achieve one of my short term goals in EVE, which was to fly the Gallente Battleship-class Dominix. It’s not the prettiest ship (Wilhemn called it his sushi boat for some reason, but then again Americans have the weirdest ideas about non-American food, e.g. wtf is chop suey???) but it’s working amazingly well for me, despite having very low support skills and non-existent battleship class weapon skills.

Brick to da face!

It looks like a wedge-shaped brick to me. There aren’t even any thruster flames coming out anywhere to let you know which way you’re actually going. Which might be because it also flies like a brick. It might be because I’m not used to battleships yet, and I’ve been mounting afterburners on my Vexor and Myrmidon so I’m used to a bit of speed. But man is 113 m/s slow… it aligns like a mountain twisting in the breeze as well. I’ve resorted to mounting an afterburner on the Dominix as well now, at the cost of not being cap stable when I run both Large Armor Repairers or the afterburner + 1 repairer. Which brings me to the last part. Besides looking like a brick, and flying like a brick, thankfully the Dominix also tanks like a brick. At least in the level 3s that I’ve been doing. I can turn on all resistance modules + damage control + 1 large repairer and tank almost anything comfortably. If things get hairy, I turn on the other LAR in pulses and it makes my armor shoot up amazingly fast.

I’d mentioned before that I’d tried transplanting my Myrmidon fit over to the Dominix and wasn’t impressed by the tanking ability. Well, that was because my fitting skills suxored. After tinkering a bit, with some ideas coming from other posted fits on forums and Battleclinic, I managed to greatly improve the cap usage (helped by a Capacitor Relay module and a Capacitor Control Circuit rig) and therefore the tanking ability. This shows again that it’s not really the skillpoints that determines your effectiveness, it’s your knowledge of the game.

Jump clone ready

Shortly after I began training Cybernetics 4 in preparation for my +4 implants, I also realised that I was pretty close to the 8.00 standing with Caldari Navy needed for jump clones. These are extra clone bodies that you can transfer your consciousness to every 24 hours. They allow instantaneous travel (only for your body, not your ship and stuff) and also a way to have multiple sets of implants in different bodies for different purposes. I originally wanted a jump clone to have a disposable body with no implants that I could use for PVP, but now I had another idea.

Since implants can’t be unplugged, I’d be throwing away my current set of +3 implants if I plugged in the +4s on top of them. Why not put the +4s in the new jump clone, and then have the +3s in my old body as a backup? Kekeke, I’m so clever.

So most of the weekend was spent grinding level 3 missions like a madman in my Dominix. I originally intended to get to 8.00 before the skill training for Cybernetics 4 completed, but in the end I was late by a few hours (thanks to getting distracted by a 10 part storyline mission for another corporation) and had to take a few minutes to train up Infomorph Psychology for jump clones first anyway. But at last, I now have my +4 implants and my +3 implants in a backup body, with space for 1 more jump clone.

What next?

So I’ve actually accomplished a few of my short term goals within the 2 months I’ve been playing. I’ve trained up for a battleship, and gotten enough standings for a jump clone. Theoretically I could start trying PVP now, but because my skill training would slow down once I jumped into the implantless clone (and I can’t jump back for 24 hours) I’ve decided to continue skilling up more of my support skills first. I would also like to try out the Drake and Raven in missions first, as a change in play style. There’s always more skills to learn and stuff to try in EVE.

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