Fight back to school?

Just stumbled on to another new player’s blog, Tech 2 Duct Tape. Always great to read about a new player’s adventures rather than all the stuff going on in null-sec that I don’t quite understand just yet.

She also has great stories about some adventures in a EVE University fleet. I’d heard of EVE Univerity before, which is essentially a corporation that was put together to teach newbies the ropes in EVE (hence the name). It sounded like a great idea, but I’d also heard that they can get war-decced by bored griefers and then there’s a bit of hassle with all sorts of rules and stuff. But these stories make war declarations sound fun. Nothing better than mobbing a bunch of griefers with a swarm of T1 frigates, kinda like being savaged by rabid hamsters.

All in all, makes me tempted to join EVE Uni on my main combat pilot. I’ll have to think about it again…

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