That’s a really slow hacker…

Interestingly, I received a couple of emails from Blizzard this morning in my inbox. The first notified me that my WoW password had been changed. This was followed very quickly by another email saying that my account had been suspended for 72 hours for “exploiting the economy”.

I’m really curious how the hacker managed to get my password when I haven’t even attempted to log in to anything WoW related for about a year. My wife is running a spyware plus antivirus scan on my home PC right now, so we’ll have to see if anything comes up. I followed the tips on account retrieval that were linked in Blizzard’s email, and reset my password successfully.

Unfortunately I can’t actually check the status of my account (i.e. do I get a free month paid by the hacker?) because Blizzard very cleverly prevents you from accessing the account management page when your account is banned or suspended. I suspect this is to prevent people from rage-subscription-cancelling once their accounts get suspended for whatever reason.

So now I’ve sent an email to their customer support explaining the situation and asking for further advice on recovering the account. I don’t have any plans to return to WoW anytime soon, not even for Cataclysm, but I would still like to undo any damage to my characters if possible. A friend said I should have sold my account, but I never liked the idea of selling game accounts for money. Firstly, it’s illegal, and secondly, I like to keep my characters even if I’m not playing them. There are still many fond memories and time invested in them, and I don’t think a couple of hundred bucks or whatever is worth it.

With luck, I can get my account recovered as well as get some free game time. I’m not averse to roaming around WoW a bit while I’m training a long skill in EVE, especially if the WoW-time is free. Hmm… but I better change some of my passwords to other applications, just in case.


One thought on “That’s a really slow hacker…

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