3% from death

Despite EVE being renowned for the possibility of flaming death around every corner, I’ve actually had very few ship losses so far. I lost a Cormorant during a Sisters of EVE epic arc mission where I got scrambled by some rogue drones, and I think I lost another Cormorant somewhere along the way due to stupidity and not warping out.

Last night however, I almost lost my nice shiny Myrmidon battlecruiser to the most powerful enemy in EVE: kid aggro (beats wife aggro by a mile…)

I had accepted a mission to recover some artifact from a bunch of miners and started warping off to the mission location. We’d already bathed our son and put him to sleep, so I thought I had some time to do a few missions. Suddenly my wife alerted me that she thought she had heard him making some crying noises in his cot.

She was busy doing something so I was off like a shot to see what was wrong with him (he starts at level 1 with the Summon Daddy and Summon Mommy skill at 100). He hasn’t been sleeping well the past couple of days, and I had to spend a few minutes patting him and singing to him to calm him down. I guess hearing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star droning on and on 20 times repeatedly does have a soporific effect.

When I returned back to my computer, my thoughts went roughly like this:

“Hmm I seem to be under attack. Guess there wasn’t an acceleration gate. Hey they actually managed to take out a lot of my shields.”

“Wait, they took out all my shields. And isn’t that my armor bar that’s totally gone as well?”


I instantly turned on my Damage Control II and Armor Explosive Hardener modules and both Medium Armor Repairer IIs, and tried to warp to the first object on the drop down list. In hindsight I should have tried to warp to something that was in front of me, but it wasn’t too bad as I was stationary and thus able to align fairly quickly.

However, it would take some time for my armor repairers to finish their cycle and the next salvo halved my remaining structure. I was moaning at the imminent loss of my Myrmidon, made even more ignoble by the fact that the enemy ships were all called “Miner”. I mean, losing a ship to “Corpii Deathdealer of Awesomeness” is at least a bit easier on the ego than basically being treated like a big floating asteroid by a bunch of roidraging miners. My structure was down to 3% at this point, flames were spewing everywhere from my poor Myrmidon and I was expecting the blue flash of failure at any moment. Suddenly my armor shot up to 10%, just before the next wave of missiles hit. Holy crap my armor repairers finished their cycle!

When I finally initiated warp my dual repairers had clawed back about 30% armor and I arrived at the stargate which I had warped to with all my modules having taken about 20% damage. After repairing all my armor, I docked up to check how much it would cost to repair the structure, only to be presented with a 2 million ISK repair bill. Eep. Not going to pay that, so it was off to Amarr to paw through my stockpile of modules and fit a bunch of hull repairers. While idling outside the station slowly putting out all the fires on my Myrmidon I was entertained by a bunch of people who were apparently having some corp war station camping another corp (or person?). I saw 3 Megathron battleships get blown up in the exact same way (undock, webbed, presumably scrambled, 20 lasers blasting into his hull, boom). Not sure if it was the same unlucky (or dumb) pilot each time.

Once I finished repairing I was able to go back and finish the mission without any issues. And all those Miners dropped me plenty of Miner I modules…

3 thoughts on “3% from death

  1. I was very glad to find your blog here, and I read quite a bit of it. I am relatively new to EVE (I started last year, but disappeared from the game for several months), and I enjoy reading about your experiences in the game.

    I am a drone pilot and mostly run missions, though I am hoping to dabble in the new Planetary interaction stuff when the structures go up for sale next week. Even more than all the other cool things in the game, what I enjoy most is talking with (and doing things with… and maybe once in a while, even attacking) other players.

    If you have any questions about anything that I can help with, please feel free to ask me, either on my blog (which isn’t updated that much, really) at podlogs.com/drmgrl808 or drop a note to my character Audra Li in-game. In the meantime, I wish you luck in managing your child aggro and safe flying.

  2. Thanks for the offer of assistance! I’m still mostly running missions as well, though I keep meaning to try out PvP some time… I’ve also tried a bit of probing and stuff but never really gone into the more complicated bits.

  3. […] I haven’t lost a ship besides a couple of Cormorants in my first month, although I did come close a few other […]

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