Tyrannis Noob Impressions

So the Tyrannis expansion has hit us after a very extended downtime. I wasn’t really expecting it to launch when it did so it was pure good fortune that I had a 4 day skill queued up. Need to keep a better eye on this in the future or I might lose out on some skill training time.

The big selling point of Tyrannis is actually planetary interaction (PI), where players can now actually use planets for something other than pretty screenshots. Although they are very pretty… ooh shiny…

Letrange has been putting up a great series of articles on PI and what it could possibly mean to industrialists. I’m not anywhere near his league yet, having only 1 BPO to my name and still doing Time Efficiency research on it, so I’m quite clueless when it comes to knowing what effect PI will have on the market. Based on past experiences of WoW expansions though, I agree fully with him that there will be an initial rush, which will quickly fade away. I don’t see PI as being a great moneymaker, probably will not even exceed mining as an income source. The upside is that it is passive, since you can place your extractors and just leave them and collect your goods some point in the future. Tech 2 Duct Tape has a video tutorial up by EVE Uni on how to get into PI, I have to say that even CCP’s newest expansion still has a learning curve that’s steeper than anything in WoW. Although they supposedly added a tutorial agent for PI, will have to check that out.

I’ll probably be looking at least a little bit into PI. I’ve already picked up the 2 skills for Planetary Management for 550k each. As long as the resources can sell for more than the cost of the infrastructure, then it’s free ISK. Letrange is probably right that the big money will be in the products far down the end of the industrial chain, such as control towers and POS modules. The lower end will be swamped by people who think that resources are free because they extracted them (rolleyes) which will drive margins down to near zero or even below cost.

Unfortunately, the new skills have as their prime attribute…. charisma. Great. So I finally picked up the 4.5 million ISK tier 2 charisma learning skill, Empathy. I plan to train this to maybe level 3, so that it will at least help me in other social skills such as Negotiation and Connections. Getting a charisma implant however is probably a waste of ISK.

So, all set to try out PI, I look around at some planets in the system I happen to be in and check out the planet interface. Mmmm. Heat vision…. (makes Predator noises…) Here I run into a brick wall. I need a command center to place on the planet before I can start putting extractors. But… I can’t find any command centers on the market. At all. Limited, Basic, Standard, Improved, Advanced, Elite, any flavor of planet, nope, nada, nothing. In the entire region. So, unless I’ve missed something, I need to wait for them to be seeded in the market? Oh well.

On the bright side, my Dominix now has visible thruster flames! Woot! Now I can finally tell which way I’m going!

To WoW or not to WoW

On the WoW front, my hacked account has been er… desuspended? Unsuspended? I found that the hacker had paid for a month’s subscription, until June 20. He also added an authenticator to my account. Wow. I guess the gold I had was probably worth more than his costs, but still it seems quite extravagant for a hacker to go to all this expense, which cuts down on his margins. This also means I got the Core Hound Pup pet in my mailbox as well as some new penguin pet. At least the Core Hound is quite cute… As expected all my characters are naked and have only a few silver to their name. Only PVP gear is left, presumably because they couldn’t be sharded. That reminds me, I didn’t check my professions to see if the hacker dropped something for enchanting.

So, now I have to decide if I want to bother making use of the 3 weeks of free WoW that I have. At first I was thinking of playing a Tauren DK to see the Horde side of TBC onwards, since I had never had a Horde character over 60. However, I have no character slots left on Dragonblight and so would have to roll on another server where I don’t have any gold. Well I don’t have any gold now either but I expect a GM to restore at least some of my stuff back to me… Secondly, it would seem like a better use of the time to check out the new instances added in ICC and ToC. Except that without any gear, it would be pretty rude of me to queue up for these instances. Hmm.

The more I think of it, the more pointless it seems even though it’s free. I’m definitely not going to continue playing after June 20, which makes any progress I make in levelling a DK very pointless especially as he will not even be on the same server as my other characters. Playing EVE sounds more enjoyable and ultimately has longer term progress. Hmm… Guess the option is there to fire it up if I don’t feel like playing EVE that night for some reason.

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