Angel in space

No, not those Angels

Audra Li has a great blog (shout out to another drone pilot!) about her adventures in EVE. It’s always interesting to read about what others are up to in New Eden. Sounds like she had a fair bit of fun in Providence, which was what I was originally aiming to do (eventually… seriously, I’ll get off my ass some time… soon). But I’m not so sure what Providence is like now with CVA being driven out, do they still have the Not Red Don’t Shoot policy?

She’s currently based in Amarr space too, so I might just bump into her one of these days. Not too many Dominix battleships chugging along around there from what I’ve seen.

On the missioning front, I’ve finally trained Sentry Drone Interfacing up to level 3 and I’ve been packing 5 Bouncer I’s with my Dominix. It’s pretty fun and gives me the long range sniping ability that I always wanted. On the other hand, while I knew that Sentry Drones were immobile, it hadn’t really struck me that they were… really immobile. As in, they can’t move. At all. This means that I can’t move my Dominix either, or risk leaving them behind and having to slowly trundle back to pick them up. For some reason I had expected to be able to recall them from range and redeploy them, but no such luck.

Even so, they’re pretty powerful and really cut down on mission times. They easily smush frigate sized targets in 1 salvo and my Dominix tanks well enough to just sit there and absorb everything anyway. In fact, in one mission the sentries pretty much turned it into a shooting gallery.

I had to zoom way out to take this screenshot, but basically my Dominix warped in and never moved. You can see the spread of wrecks in this mission, Gone Berserk, where the enemy ships basically died at their spawn points instantaneously more than 50km away. It was made easier by the fact that there are numerous waves spawned by specific kills, so the drones didn’t get overwhelmed with everything at once. Pretty funny. Although slowly chugging around salvaging and looting after that wasn’t that interesting, but at least the wrecks were all grouped together this way.

My wife asked if I could tractor beam the sentry drones around… Actually come to think of it… can I?


6 thoughts on “Angel in space

  1. Hey!
    To keep your transverse velocity up and make tanking even easier (or if some missions are too tough, but I doubt), select one of your sentry drones and orbit it. Orbit within scoop range, and you can pick them up right away if needed. You may have a few hundred meters to fly to grab that 5th drone, but the orbiting helps avoid some fire, and negate some missile damage.

    Hope this helps!

    Stop by sometime,

    Yourm Ama

  2. Oh my! I’ve been -cited-! I would tell you thrilled I am about it, but then I’d make everyone else jealous!

    Okay – insert ‘long comment warning’ here.

    You’re right that there aren’t a lot of Dominix ships in my area – in fact, I’ve only seen one besides my own.

    Providence, with the eviction of the last NRDS group (Paxton Federation) is effectively NBSI. CVA still holds space there, technically, but with no stations, the sovereignty in those places isn’t too relevant. While we were down there, we abided by CVA’s ‘KOS list’ despite the political situation, and if we go back again, we’ll probably do the same. I’m not planning any 0.0 treks anytime soon, though.

    Sentry drones are pretty amazing – but if you’ve read my blog you probably heard more about them than you ever wanted to. I almost never use Bouncers, but they are all pretty similar. While they are stationary, they still save me a lot of time – and when they occasionally take damage, it’s a lot easier to recall them safely. In effect, they are additional ‘armor’. Some people remote repair them while they are deployed, but I am fine cycling them into the bay a few times – after a minute or so, the enemy ships that were attacking them will all be gone, anyway.

    I know what you mean about a shooting gallery – in some missions, I never activate my repairer because the mission is cleared before I take that much damage.

    Regarding salvage: I don’t know how much you salvage, so pardon me if this is all stuff you already know/do!

    I don’t recommend salvaging in a Dominix (if that’s what you’re doing). Up through L3 missions, I used a Catalyst, and now I use a Harbinger (since the Catalyst can rarely fit a L4’s salvage in one trip). Even including the extra travel, the time saved is quite huge. Another thing you can do if you use a seperate salvager (depending on how fast you clear them) is run two or three missions and just salvage them all at once. This cuts down on the time spent switching ships.

    Just don’t forget to
    1. Bookmark each room (I forget this all the time!)
    2. Turn in the mission before going back to salvage, so you don’t have to go through every acceleration gate to get to the wrecks.

    Finally, the only things you can tractor are wrecks and cargo containers, unfortunately.

    Yourm Ama had a good note about orbiting the sentries. I used to do that all the time. Now, I don’t often need to, but it can help. Even if you’re taking too much damage, if you’re careful to start recollecting them before you have to warp out, you won’t leave any behind.

    If you’d like a hand with any missions in the area (or want to join me on mine), please just ask. I have corp-mates that I mission with sometimes, and regardless of the mission, doing them fleeted is a million times more fun than solo. In the immediate future, I’m likely to be somewhere between Nakri, Amarr, and Yeeramoun and while the Hawaii Time Zone leaves much to be desired in EVE, I am on for at least a little while every day.

    Safe flying, and mahalo for mentioning my blog!

  3. Hey, thanks for the tips both of you!

    Does orbiting cut down on incoming damage significantly? I’m wondering because my Dominix is already so slow, I’m not too sure if orbiting at 113 m/s is going to help. Plus if I put in a tight orbit of <2000 m, I can't even use afterburners I think… But I'll try it out in L4s where every little bit could help.

    Yeah, my Dominix currently mounts 2x tractors and 2x salvagers so I salvage as I go. Actually it's also because I can't even mount battleship sized weapons yet, so I couldn't find anything more useful to put into the highs 😦

    I'd heard of using a dedicated salvage Catalyst, but it seems a pain to always lug one around with me whenever I move my missioning base. It didn't seem like the time savings from jumping to and fro the mission site was worth it, especially since my Dominix has nothing better to do while the drones are killing things anyway. It could be better if I do multiple missions at a go like you said… Hmm…

  4. […] Angel in space Big boy now June 7, 2010, 11:04 am Filed under: EVE So I finally stopped being a wussy and decided to try out a level 4 mission. I’ve been doing missions for the Ministry of Internal Order in Amarr space, and finally have enough standings to start doing level 4s. Previously I hadn’t been confident enough in my tanking ability, and also my lack of sentry drones would probably have made level 4s quite tough. However, I’m now fresh out of excuses since my capacitor skills are all maxed out at 5 (I think…) and I can use tech 2 Large Armor Repairers. I could train 8 days for Hull Upgrades V, which would give me tech 2 armor hardeners, but what the heck. […]

  5. To test if orbiting helps, clear out a room, and leave one BS sized rat.

    Smaller missiles should get 100% damage on your hull as you are a battle ship and have a large radius, however, moving should negate damage from the larger missiles (cruise/torp NPCs). De-aggro your sentries and just test being shot at while moving and while still. You should see a difference then.

    Also, try with a battle ship sized rat firing their large gun. You should see more “missed” notifications if you are moving.
    Good luck!
    I am using a Marauder now, for NPCing, and wow it is really great. I strongly suggest it.

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