The deadliest force in the universe

The second account is progressing steadily, and a couple of days ago she finally finished Caldari Cruiser level II. Which means it was time to buy and fit a new ship! New shinies are always fun.

So it was shopping time in Jita. The Caracal cruiser hull itself was selling for the usual price of 3 million. I actually had one sitting in Jita that was unused, but what the hell she might as well get one for herself. This time, however, I spared almost no expense in fitting out her ship and splurged on meta 4s on most of the modules. When you have so few skillpoints, every little bit of survivability and dps helps. This was the fit I eventually settled on:

[Caracal, Heavy missiles]
Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Multiphasic Bolt Array I

Y-S8 Hydrocarbon I Afterburners
Medium C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix x 2
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction

XR-3200 Heavy Missile Bay x 5 with Scourge Heavy missiles

She couldn’t actually use heavy missiles yet, so I bought her 5 ‘Arbalest’ Assault Missile launchers to tide her over until her skill training completed. The XR-3200’s and the Multiphasic Bolt Array were meta 3s, because the meta 4s were insanely priced. At 13.5 million ISK for one ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launcher and 19 million ISK for the ‘Pandemonium’ Ballistic Enhancement, that would have cost more than my entire Dominix plus fittings and rigs and drones. And it proved fortunate that I didn’t…

The fit is not cap stable, and may not actually be that great but it was enough for her to easily do level 1s. However, yesterday she encountered the most deadly foe that you can meet in New Eden…


Yes, those are his pants on his head. Why? I don’t know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I wasn’t at home at the time, but she was summoned midway through a mission by our son’s cries of anger at being woken up from his nap. As you can expect, active tank + non-stable cap + afk = “hi, welcome to EVE again, nice pod you have there.”

Understandably she was a bit upset about it, especially since she had set up a “panic” tab in her overview with only stations so that she could warp off quickly in an emergency, but it takes a bit of getting used to in order to remember to do it. At first she was a bit concerned about how to get back to her wreck since it was approaching downtime, but we realised she could just log on to Noork and bring his Dominix there while she hung around in her pod. I’m sure the Dominix just cruised past those level 1 frigates like a killer whale amidst a school of minnows and picked up her stuff while obliterating all enemies with tech 2 drones.

Fortunately, she was still using the assault missile launchers so at least the heavy launchers worth 25 million ISK were safe in her hangar. In fact, she completely lucked out because after examining the salvaged drops it turned out that she only lost the CPU upgrade, one ‘Arbalest’ assault launcher, and one V-M15 invulnerability field. All in all, module loss of only slightly more than 1 million ISK, and to top it off she managed to get a new Caracal hull for 2.5 million in Amarr (some guy selling it in a different station in the system for some reason… gotta love em), which means after the insurance payout her new ship only cost 1 million ISK.

The Dark Lord of Destruction almost claimed another ship later in the night, this time my little Punisher. My wife had a couple of storyline missions that only allowed frigates in, so she bought and fit another Kestrel (her original was in Jita) and I decided to tag along in the Punisher which I had fit to try out those little complexes I kept seeing all over the place. Man, missiles really rule in PvE. I would burn towards the enemy at 700 m/s with my afterburner, only to see a flight of 5 Bloodclaw missiles race past me at 3000 m/s and blow my target into scrap before I could even get in range of my pulse lasers. Eventually it became clear that my largest contribution would be burning towards them to get initial aggro and then making myself useful picking up the lousy loot drops from the wrecks.

Midway through the first storyline mission however, her baby detector went off again and she was off like a shot. This time, however, she remembered to quickly warp off to some random station first. I busied myself at her computer trying to warp back and navigate to the acceleration gate since we were a couple of rooms in. Suddenly I looked over to my Punisher and realised that my shields and armor were gone and I was at 70% structure since I wasn’t running my armor repairer and all the enemies were happily shooting me. I eventually survived after frantically turning on the armor repairer and scooting out to a 20 km orbit, but for the rest of the mission my Punisher had a long stream of fire coming out of its ass that looked like a really fancy afterburner.


Loyalty what?

So once again I learned something new in EVE. And not in the manner of “You have finished training Hull Upgrades V”, which is definitely something to cheer about though.

I have to say that it feels weird having to once again have to think about what skills to put in the queue every day. Ok, yes, it was only 8 days compared to say 23 days for Drone Interfacing V. But for more than a week I’ve felt so used to not even checking the skill queue when I log in. No time to log in today because kid is fussy? No worries, I’m training Hull Upgrades V! Only have time to check orders? Hey, I’m still training Hull Upgrades V! EVE servers down for 2 days due to server migration? No fear, still halfway through Hull Upgrades V!!!

Anyway, what I’m really talking about is I finally realised what all those little loyalty points that agents kept throwing at me were for. Broadly speaking I knew I could use them to redeem for stuff that could be sold, like faction ships and implants and such, since I had read somewhere that a significant portion of the supposed 20-30 million payout per level 4 mission actually came from the loyalty points. But me being a packrat, I promptly filed them into the “save for when I need them” mental category and sort of just ignored that little loyalty point tab in the Journal. And yes, it’s in the journal, not in the wallet or something which I kinda keep expecting it to be.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had been engaging in a little bit of market manipulation by buying out 90 plus skillbooks that this guy kept dumping at a discounted price in Jita. He seemed to appear once in a while with his massive orders that would block everyone else’s stock from selling, so I would buy him out and resell at a higher price. The margin was decent due to his deep undercutting, so I was ok with him providing me with some stock to sell, but I was worried and a bit perplexed at where these people were getting such huge supplies from since I could be taking in stock faster than I could sell them.

Well, over the weekend someone else appeared and dumped huge amounts of other skillbooks as well. This time, however, I checked out the seller’s standings and discovered that he had an obscene amount of standing with almost every faction. So this guy is probably some really dedicated mission runner… Hmmmm. Wait a minute… One quick google search later and I was groaning at my own stupidity.

Seems that skillbooks are available for loyalty points from every faction, with the type of book varying according to that faction’s specialty. For example, Gallente corps sell Gallente Drone Specialisation and Caldari corps sell Large Railgun Specialisation and so on and so forth. No wonder these guys appear periodically with huge stocks of skillbooks… The skillbooks are also one of the few items that you can buy using only loyalty points, with no cash outlay. For some reason most people are like this, they will hesitate to put out any of their own cash even if it gains them even more in exchange. In this case I haven’t really done the math yet on what is the best ISK per loyalty point, so they may be doing the right thing in any case. You can find a list of stuff available for loyalty points here.

So I guess I should be wary about stockpiling these items from now on, since there’s a cheap (in the “my time is free lol” kind of way of thinking that most people seem to have) source of these items. On the other hand, I should also think about spending some of my own loyalty points and converting them into ISK. If I can find a way of converting points to ISK with a better ratio than any of the items that I could possibly want to buy for myself, then I should just get the ISK now and buy the items using ISK later. In EVE, everything can be bought for ISK, it’s just a matter of not getting scammed…

Case closed

Closed, but not solved.

The mysterious disappearance of a PLEX buy order was concluded when my wife’s wallet swelled by 280 million after the next downtime. Whether it was due to her petition to the GMs or simply some weird delayed refund that got processed only after downtime remains a mystery. In any case, I traded a PLEX to her and she managed to upgrade her account from a trial to a full account.

It’s still a bit disconcerting how a market order can just disappear though. In this case it was easily noticeable because a) it was the only order and b) it was bloody 280 million ISK, you tend to notice things like that. However I can easily imagine how I would totally miss out on smaller orders that go missing. Even if we did get refunded, we could have missed out on buying a PLEX if the prices had dipped down to our buy price (they didn’t, but hey they COULD HAVE). Oh well, no harm done but still…

Unfortunately the super duper mega extended downtime may also result in my wife’s character losing a few hours of skill training. She was training Cybernetics IV, which would have taken 2 days. I’m not quite sure when it was supposed to complete since we can’t run EVEMon at home, but I think it was either late last night or this morning. My character, on the other hand, has been training Hull Upgrades V for the past year (8 days without “skill training complete” seems like a really really long time…) so he’s pretty safe.

Meanwhile, we’ve been running some level 3s together with the Ministry of Internal Order. It’s quite funny seeing her Kestrel buzz around my gigantic Dominix. Playing solo, it’s easy to lose sight of the difference in scale between different ships. Unless you like to spend a lot of time floating outside Jita, you don’t often come into close contact with other ships. During missions, I either zoom way out to see what’s going on or the Dominix fills about a quarter of the screen in the default camera view. From her viewpoint, her Kestrel looks about the same size. It’s only when you put the two ships side by side that you realise that the Kestrel is so small I can’t even see it, it’s like a purple speck around me. In fact, it’s about the size of my drones 🙂 Woot, I have a missile drone!

But she’s surprisingly able to help out a bit in level 3s. She can take out the normal frigates much quicker than I can, considering that I need to switch out from sentries to medium drones and they take time to fly around etc. Elite frigates give her some trouble, but then they don’t die quickly to my drones either so that’s to be expected. But it’s really much more fun to mission together, even with some added hassle of moving together as a fleet and having to make sure I aggro everything first or risk her Kestrel being incinerated by 6 cruisers at 60 km 🙂

I’ll probably train her character up with Caldari Frigate IV and Cruisers I and II next, giving her access to the Caracal missile cruiser. I’ve come up with a fit with 4 heavy missile launchers for her, so she’ll be able to hit at slightly longer ranges (up to 40 km) and be able to survive a bit better. After that though, I should probably finish up the learning skills before pressing on to the skills needed for the Drake.

The case of the missing order

This weekend I started running the first few parts of the Amarr Epic Arc storyline with the Ministry of Internal Order. Gotta love those missions that give you 2 million for jumping 3 jumps and talking to someone. However, the combat missions took a really long time since they were level 4s. I even switched out my Dominix fit to mount 4x dual 250mm railguns, which is the most firepower I can squeeze into my high slots. Even with the additional dps, battleships were still dying really slowly. I actually burned through all 2000 rounds of ammo I brought with me into the mission. Blasters would give me more damage but they would require me to orbit uncomfortably close, and I start taking brickloads of damage once I get within 20 km of multiple battleship guns. In another mission, I couldn’t even close to within 35 km without my armor getting stripped off like a banana peel so in the end I had to dance around more than 50 km away while my Ogre Is slowly nibbled them to death.

All this made me sigh and jokingly moan to my wife that I would be better of with another account to help come me, as well as for drone-unfriendly missions like Worlds Collide. Unexpectedly, my wife agreed and said that I should get another account, given that I have an overbundance of PLEX. She also observed that even if the second account had shitty skills and did only half my current abysmal dps, that’s still a bigger improvement than I can get by training more skills given that most of the benefits are of the 5%-10% variety. Besides, if I’m using PLEX I can discontinue the account any time I want.

So, the long and short of it is that I now have a second account, set up using the 21-day buddy trial. It’s registered to my wife, since she said that she could play it on and off and come help me during missions if she happens to be free. This is a really good deal, since my main account gets a free month if the second account subscribes. This basically means I get 21 days free, since my main account would have had to get a month’s gametime anyway. Initially we thought we’d have to pay 1 month’s subscription + 5 usd upgrade fee, but it turns out that we should be able to upgrade the second account from trial to full just by using a PLEX.

However… here comes the tricky part. Trial accounts turn out to have a restriction that they can’t do anything related to contracts at all, even accepting contracts. So I couldn’t contract over a couple of PLEX to her character. I’ve just realised that I could have just traded with her, but this didn’t occur to me then 😦
To get around this, I sent her 300 million ISK and set up an order for a PLEX in Jita for 280 million. Prices have been fluctuating wildly ever since Tyrannis, and can go from 277 million to 300 million in less than a day. I don’t know how much of the volume is caused by margin traders and how many PLEXes actually get used, but it’s quite impressive and serves as a reminder of how big the EVE world is, even for an MMO that’s comparatively small and niche market.

However… this morning she checked her wallet and found that her buy order was gone. Whoopee, means a PLEX has been bought right? Nope, she couldn’t find the PLEX anywhere in her hangar or her assets. In addition, there was no transaction in the wallet to mark a sale. So the order wasn’t filled. But she was still missing the 280 million ISK, which she should have been refunded if the order had been accidentally cancelled or something. In the end, she had to send an in-game petition about it. The case of the missing order is still open, but I’m hopeful that the GMs should be able to sort it out and refund the missing ISK. Even if there was some strange trial restriction like “no buying of PLEX” the ISK shouldn’t just disappear into thin air…

Meanwhile, my wife has been having fun (I think?) doing some level 1 missions with Caldari Navy. My aim is to eventually get her character into a Drake and come along with me to do level 4s. Why a Drake? Firstly, missiles are long range and more hassle free than guns, needing only one group of skills and being able to deal all damage types easily. Secondly, the Drake’s passive tank is easier to manage if I have to multi-box and yet hopefully is strong enough to take a few hits before warping out in case it gets aggro during a mission. I didn’t have a good first impression of the Drake the last time I used it, but maybe the Darkwing Duck can redeem itself. It could do much better spewing missiles in a supporting role while orbiting my tanking Dominix, since I could fit it to have a bit more firepower without having to worry too much about the tank.

Her character was originally Minmatar, so we had to train up Caldari Frigate 1,2 and 3 before she could use the Kestrel she’s now flying. She’s already had her “hi, welcome to EVE” moment when she lost her Slasher in her 2nd mission, but the Kestrel is doing very well so far. She seems naturally suited to the Caldari style of warfare, which involves running away very fast while lobbing missiles at everything in range. With her paltry skills, it took much jiggling in EFT to come up with something which was barely able to squeeze on the Kestrel. I had to resort to a Power Diagnostic Unit and a Reactor Control Unit in the 2 low slots, but managed to get 2 small shield extenders and a small shield booster (all meta 3s) for the tank and 4 ‘Malkuth’ standard missile launchers in the highs, which gives decent firepower. She even managed to complete Worlds Collide with the Kestrel, an amazingly impressive feat considering her character is less than 2 days old and she didn’t even do the tutorials! I’d read so many horror stories about Worlds Collide that I didn’t even dare to accept it with only a frigate. Ah, sometimes it’s better to be ignorant I guess…

Again, it makes me laugh when I think about those people who say that you need to play EVE Offline for months first. If a 2 day old character can do Worlds Collide in a little Kestrel, don’t tell me they need more skillpoints first before being able to play the game.

When heaven and earth collide

Despite having run numerous missions as a high-sec carebear, I haven’t actually attempted the famous mission Worlds Collide. I got it a couple of times when doing lower level missions, but the level 1 version doesn’t allow you to use anything bigger than a frigate. At the time I was missioning with my Vexor, so I couldn’t be arsed to go find and fit a frigate to use just for that mission. Now, however, I’m looking at the level 4 version, which is renowned as a graveyard for mission runners.

Now before we go further, let me first state that if you’re expecting an tale of epic struggles, fiery explosions and flaming Dominix death, I will have to disappoint you. Because I knew that Worlds Collide wasn’t your average mission, I went to check up the mission on Eve Survival first. I don’t normally do this for every mission and just fit either an omni-tank or a faction specific tank if that info is given in the normal mission briefing. But I think Worlds Collide warrants a special exception.

In the mission briefing, I came across the following interesting tidbits:

Warning: if you do it all wrong and aggro all of them —
* Full-aggro is 1100-1200dps (EM 50%/TH 50%) with the occasional kinetic cruise missile from the BS’s.

Wow. At max I can tank 392 dps, which means I will die face-meltingly fast. Better not do it all wrong then…

Blood Spys might scramble/web, but may not also. Using drones on them aggros the whole room.

Uh oh.

If you didn’t know, I’m using a Dominix drone boat to clear level 3s and the occasional level 4. My gunnery skills are complete crap since I was previously training missiles and then switched to drone skills. My Dominix doesn’t even mount any weapons besides a little Medium Pulse Laser I for pulling, and that has dps equivalent to shining a torchlight in their faces and hoping they blink.

So… I’m facing elite frigates which web/scramble, but I can’t kill them with my major weapons. I could try to kill off everything first while taking care not to shoot them with my drones, but that’s pretty risky since I won’t be able to retreat if things go all wonky. Umm…. how in the world do other drone pilots do Worlds Collide?

So that mission is still sitting in my journal, forlornly waiting to be accepted. Yes, I wussied out again and went off to do level 3s instead. Meanwhile, I’ve been training Gunnery skills so perhaps I can mount some cruiser sized weapons on the Dominix and give it a go. Not sure if that would work though.

As a result of all the mission running though, I’ve surpassed the 6.67 standing mark with Ministry of Internal Order. This gives me no-tax refines and access to the Amarr Epic Arc agent in Kor-Azor Prime, which was the main reason I was doing standings with them. So I’ve been busy refining the assorted drone poo I picked up and reprocessing crappy modules. Incidentally, it doesn’t seem to make sense that drone poo refines into minerals that take up more space than the original drone poo. Half a million units of tritanium completely buries my Dominix, and it all came from drone poo that comfortably fit in the 600 m3 cargo hold. I haven’t started on the epic arc yet because I think they are level 4 missions, so I’ll give that a go this weekend. That should easily bring me up to 8.00 for another source of jump clones.

Too much action with Planetary Interaction

So Tyrannis has been out for a while now, and a lot of people have gotten into the new Planetary Interaction feature. I tried it out a bit as well, but recently my little water producing colony has been lying fallow. Maybe I can start up a fish farm or something. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m unlikely to be able to make much use of it for now.

Initially, I thought that PI would be a nice passive money maker and something fun to try out. It is fun, but the passive money making part is definitely not true. As Audra Li discovered, it takes a lot of clicking and managing to keep your colonies running, especially if they are in different systems. I think you can only manage planets within the system you’re currently in (although you don’t actually have to be at the planet, you can even do it while docked in a starbase) so this means a lot of jumping around everyday unless you somehow managed to find the holy grail of systems that contains all desirable planet types. Also, Letrange has found a bug where he seems to be missing one cycle of production from some of his structures, which can throw a hitch into those carefully planned colonies >.<

Incidentally, I found a great guide for PI here which pretty much explains everything about how to set up a colony. As the production cycle for the processors is 23 hours, this pretty much means that to be really efficient you’d kick start things with the accelerated 5 hour cycle, and then once your processor has enough material to start working you’d switch to the 23 hour extraction cycle to be synchronised. Thus you’d only need to log in once every day to restart all the extractors. Incidentally the 23 hour cycle is a great idea, kudos to CCP. Blizzard actually ran into this problem in WoW with their daily crafting cooldowns which used to be 24 hours. But they found out that people inevitably ended up “missing a day” as their cooldown times kept slipping later and later from their usual login times. Moving to a 23 hour cooldown solved that problem, so it’s good to see CCP either learning from others or just having good foresight.

Now that I look at it, PI seems aimed more towards null-sec and wormhole dwellers rather than high-sec pilots like me. It’s not a very passive money making scheme at all, more like a convenience that allows pilots far from empire to get the logistics supplies they need such as POS fuel and modules without having to jump all the way to empire and back hauling stuff every week.

First of all, PI requires you to have a fixed base around which you set up your colonies. As a high-sec mission runner, I’m constantly switching systems depending on where the best agents are and which corp I’m trying to gain standings with. I’m not going to make a bajillion jumps every night just to restart my extractors. You also need to ship product around to a temperate/barren “production planet” for the highest tier goods, since you can only place the most advanced production facility on those planets. This makes for even more jumping around and hauling every day.

Secondly, the resources in high-sec are poorer, which means more extractors to supply 1 cycle’s worth of materials. According to the guide I linked earlier, in 0.0 it takes 2 extractors to supply 1 P1 processor’s 23 hour cycle. In high-sec, this goes up to 5, which makes it a lot harder to set up efficient planets.

Thirdly, high-sec pilots would only be interested in this for the money since they have no real use for the end products. Unfortunately, to be able to make money you first have to determine what sells and for what price. The guide has a link to a great PDF flowchart of PI materials and products which I’ve included here, but until the market settles down I still have no idea what sells well, which means I have no idea what planets to look for. Everyone is busily making POS fuel, but that might cause an oversupply? For the POS operators, however, they have a clearer picture of what they need so right from the get-go they have a defined goal for their production efforts.

Trading update

I’ve recently been on a buying binge with PLEXs since the prices predictably came down. I picked up a couple at 300 million (prior to this they were in the 310-315 range) and then as prices continued downwards I got a few more at 290 and 280 million. 280 million seems to be the support level, however, so it looks like I managed to get a few good deals. I’m now subscribed to mid-August, with 5 more PLEXes in Jita waiting to be used.

As a result however, my liquid ISK has gone down considerably. I have also been trying a bit of market manipulation, albeit in a very crude form, which has had mixed results. I simply buy out anyone who tries to ridiculously undercut current (admittedly high) prices. This is kinda risky because I now hold a lot of inventory of this item, and I can’t keep buying out people indefinitely. But it seems to work most of the time, as long as the deep undercutter’s order is removed most people are willing to keep their price near current levels so it takes a while for the prices to fall. Part of me feels grumpy that I’m probably rewarding the undercutter, since I’m teaching him that deep undercutting gets him quick sales and encouraging him to keep doing it. On the other hand, I have no idea where these people are getting 90 skillbooks to dump on the market at one go. Is it from hacking or archaeology or what? It’s not from the NPC vendors because the NPC price is way over the sell price… As long as I’m not missing some quick easy source of supply I should be able to sell faster than they can dump stuff on me.

I’m also trying to branch out into a new market which looked like it has good potential. Unfortunately, I’m finding that this market is somewhat similar to the implant market in that there are crazy 24-7 campers refreshing their prices every 5 minutes. Margins and volumes are good but the competition is a wee bit too intense, will have to see whether its profitable in the long run.

Speaking of the implant market, I saw a buy order from someone for 30 implants. The range was station only, but the order was placed in Jita Planet 4, Moon 5 instead of the main trading hub at Moon 4. I feel kinda sorry for this guy since his order has been around for about 3 weeks now and will never ever ever be filled. It must be some new guy who sold a PLEX and is trying out station trading, because how else can you miss the fact that every single other order is unhighlighted and only his order is green. Maybe he thinks that green highlighted orders refer to those put up by him? It’s not helped by the fact that both stations are called Caldari Navy Assembly Factory, and in fact I think I accidentally set up some orders there too when I first started out. I wonder when he’ll find out… I’d send him a mail telling him about his mistake, but there’s no way to find out who put up the order unless I sell him some item and check the transaction log. Despite being a paragon of virtue, my river of charity does not run so deep. Plus I’m a lazy bugger.

And I’m an idiot

I just got ripped off by the bloody SCC. Sigh. For 53 million ISK. Note to fingers: Stop being so fat. No more potato chips allowed.

It seems that the broker fee in EVE is non-refundable. Which makes sense, given that the fee is ostensibly used to set up any order. The default rate is about 1%, which normally isn’t a big deal.

Unless you miss out on a decimal place… I was putting up an order for 6 items selling for 8.6 million apiece. I was pretty damn sure that I had pressed the decimal key, but sometimes I type too fast for my own good and I hit enter before I checked what I had typed. I also thought that the market interface normally warns you if the price you enter is way different from the regional average. But somehow, I didn’t get any warning and I managed to put up an order for 6 items at 860 million apiece. Sigh. Which cost me 53 million ISK in broker fees…

I tried to amend the order after the 5 minute timer, but no luck: no refund for me. That’s one day’s profits down the drain for no reason at all. Guess I’ll pretend that I lost a battleship or something. Bah. However, now I’m pretty sure that I can use the reverse to set up big buy orders for practically no broker fee, simply by first setting up the order with a purchase price of 0.01 ISK. I then wait 5 minutes, and amend the price to the true buy price that I wish to set up. This obviously doesn’t work for sell orders though since a sell order for 0.01 ISK will be instantly filled. Edit: Nope, this doesn’t work. I get charged the higher broker fee anyway. WTF. Where’s my refund!!!!

No more Level 4s

I’ve also decided not to do any more level 4 missions during the weekdays. They simply take way too long. I reached this conclusion after a marathon session lasting well over 3 hours to clear Angel Extravaganza.

I had a slightly early gaming session since our son had fallen asleep a bit earlier than his normal 9 pm bedtime, so I was feeling good that I could knock out a level 4. A bit worried that it was Angel Extravaganza, since I remembered reading that it was one of the more difficult ones, but hey no worries I can do this.

About an hour later, I was starting to feel a bit worried because I was still in the first room of 5. Tanking wasn’t a problem, it was the DPS needed to kill multiple fat bloody battleships that was taking forever. Luckily I carry around a set of Vespa IIs, which deal kinetic damage which is good against Angel Cartel ships, otherwise I’d probably still be in the mission now. As it was, even with skipping 3-4 spawns in the 3rd room by knocking out the silo and space telescope, it was waaaaaay past my bedtime by the time I killed the last battleship and finished salvaging. My journal shows almost 4 hours between receiving the first bounties and the last bounties for the mission, all of which totaled about 17 million.

And I just threw 53 million away. Sigh.

Anyways, will be sticking to level 3s for the time being. I can burn through them much faster, even though the ISK rewards are much lower.

Planetary Interaction Noob

So yeah, I was totally unprepared for PI. I had only trained most of the skills to level 1, only to find that I was restricted to only using basic command centers. I hadn’t really looked around for suitable planets either, so I just randomly picked a temperate planet that was nearby that seemed to have decent deposits of aqueous liquids. A basic command center doesn’t have much cpu and powergrid, which restricted me to placing only 2 extractors, 1 basic processor and 1 storage facility. I’m just trying it out now, but it seems pretty fun. I’m definitely not recouping costs (88k for the command center + 1 million for the other structures) since the water that I’m making sells for only 40+ isk per unit, but I guess that’s to be expected for someone who wasn’t really prepared and just randomly plonked down stuff. I’m training up a bit more of the PI skills now to be able to use better command centers, but it’s a pain since they have charisma as the prime attribute.