Saved by the patch

Well, my market misadventure turned out not so bad after all, thanks to the mini-patch dropped on Wednesday. I had already half-suspected that the prices for control towers would recover once NPC sell orders came back on the market. I think subconciously they provide a frame of reference for the market, and make players think that the “value” of a small tower should be something around 100 million. Without that baseline, the price starts fluctuating wildly. Trixie also informed me in a comment on my previous post that players were indeed manufacturing control towers for much less than expected, due to them reprocessing undesirable POS modules (which could be bought for dirt cheap) and using the P4 materials to construct control towers.

However, once the NPC sell orders were back prices immediately jumped by something on the order of 10 million. I managed to offload the last of my small towers, still at a loss, but much better than before. That reminds me, I need to get around to making a couple of instant warp safe spots outside Jita and Amarr. I’ve been getting spooked by the seemingly increasing number of people who hang around locking and scanning vulnerable cargo haulers for a potential suicide gank. Amarr in particular always has swarms of yellow-security status ships hanging around, probably all the low/null sec dwellers from Providence or something. I was transporting my 6 Amarr small control towers from Jita to Amarr when I got locked immediately after undocking from Jita. Either I warped off in time or they figured that my cargo wasn’t valuable enough. But I’m not looking for excitement while hauling, so yeah… get around to making safe spots.

One other good thing about the mini-patch is that they consolidated all the Planetary Interaction skills under the Planetary Management category. Previously some skills were lumped under the Science tab. I still haven’t really bothered training them up, despite the 2 week heads up time. I’m not so sure whether I’ll really be doing PI long term, and would like to just give it a try first rather than waste skill training time only to drop it later.

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