When heaven and earth collide

Despite having run numerous missions as a high-sec carebear, I haven’t actually attempted the famous mission Worlds Collide. I got it a couple of times when doing lower level missions, but the level 1 version doesn’t allow you to use anything bigger than a frigate. At the time I was missioning with my Vexor, so I couldn’t be arsed to go find and fit a frigate to use just for that mission. Now, however, I’m looking at the level 4 version, which is renowned as a graveyard for mission runners.

Now before we go further, let me first state that if you’re expecting an tale of epic struggles, fiery explosions and flaming Dominix death, I will have to disappoint you. Because I knew that Worlds Collide wasn’t your average mission, I went to check up the mission on Eve Survival first. I don’t normally do this for every mission and just fit either an omni-tank or a faction specific tank if that info is given in the normal mission briefing. But I think Worlds Collide warrants a special exception.

In the mission briefing, I came across the following interesting tidbits:

Warning: if you do it all wrong and aggro all of them —
* Full-aggro is 1100-1200dps (EM 50%/TH 50%) with the occasional kinetic cruise missile from the BS’s.

Wow. At max I can tank 392 dps, which means I will die face-meltingly fast. Better not do it all wrong then…

Blood Spys might scramble/web, but may not also. Using drones on them aggros the whole room.

Uh oh.

If you didn’t know, I’m using a Dominix drone boat to clear level 3s and the occasional level 4. My gunnery skills are complete crap since I was previously training missiles and then switched to drone skills. My Dominix doesn’t even mount any weapons besides a little Medium Pulse Laser I for pulling, and that has dps equivalent to shining a torchlight in their faces and hoping they blink.

So… I’m facing elite frigates which web/scramble, but I can’t kill them with my major weapons. I could try to kill off everything first while taking care not to shoot them with my drones, but that’s pretty risky since I won’t be able to retreat if things go all wonky. Umm…. how in the world do other drone pilots do Worlds Collide?

So that mission is still sitting in my journal, forlornly waiting to be accepted. Yes, I wussied out again and went off to do level 3s instead. Meanwhile, I’ve been training Gunnery skills so perhaps I can mount some cruiser sized weapons on the Dominix and give it a go. Not sure if that would work though.

As a result of all the mission running though, I’ve surpassed the 6.67 standing mark with Ministry of Internal Order. This gives me no-tax refines and access to the Amarr Epic Arc agent in Kor-Azor Prime, which was the main reason I was doing standings with them. So I’ve been busy refining the assorted drone poo I picked up and reprocessing crappy modules. Incidentally, it doesn’t seem to make sense that drone poo refines into minerals that take up more space than the original drone poo. Half a million units of tritanium completely buries my Dominix, and it all came from drone poo that comfortably fit in the 600 m3 cargo hold. I haven’t started on the epic arc yet because I think they are level 4 missions, so I’ll give that a go this weekend. That should easily bring me up to 8.00 for another source of jump clones.

3 thoughts on “When heaven and earth collide

  1. Nice post, I am a mission grinder for min/gall/soe so have no amarr standings, if you’re willing to help me get access to amarr epic arc I will help u with something in return. Feel free to contact me in game sometime via mail or pm (nick is same as here)

  2. I don’t mind helping, but I don’t really know how I would do that… Do you mean doing level 4s with you to help you gain standing? That would be a bit tricky due to my time zone very likely being completely different from you and the fact that I don’t really have time to do level 4s on weekdays.

  3. […] ago I was offered this mission by my agent in Nahyeen with the Ministry of Internal Order, and got scared off by the mission report on EVE-survival. Since then however, a lot of things have changed. I now fly […]

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