The case of the missing order

This weekend I started running the first few parts of the Amarr Epic Arc storyline with the Ministry of Internal Order. Gotta love those missions that give you 2 million for jumping 3 jumps and talking to someone. However, the combat missions took a really long time since they were level 4s. I even switched out my Dominix fit to mount 4x dual 250mm railguns, which is the most firepower I can squeeze into my high slots. Even with the additional dps, battleships were still dying really slowly. I actually burned through all 2000 rounds of ammo I brought with me into the mission. Blasters would give me more damage but they would require me to orbit uncomfortably close, and I start taking brickloads of damage once I get within 20 km of multiple battleship guns. In another mission, I couldn’t even close to within 35 km without my armor getting stripped off like a banana peel so in the end I had to dance around more than 50 km away while my Ogre Is slowly nibbled them to death.

All this made me sigh and jokingly moan to my wife that I would be better of with another account to help come me, as well as for drone-unfriendly missions like Worlds Collide. Unexpectedly, my wife agreed and said that I should get another account, given that I have an overbundance of PLEX. She also observed that even if the second account had shitty skills and did only half my current abysmal dps, that’s still a bigger improvement than I can get by training more skills given that most of the benefits are of the 5%-10% variety. Besides, if I’m using PLEX I can discontinue the account any time I want.

So, the long and short of it is that I now have a second account, set up using the 21-day buddy trial. It’s registered to my wife, since she said that she could play it on and off and come help me during missions if she happens to be free. This is a really good deal, since my main account gets a free month if the second account subscribes. This basically means I get 21 days free, since my main account would have had to get a month’s gametime anyway. Initially we thought we’d have to pay 1 month’s subscription + 5 usd upgrade fee, but it turns out that we should be able to upgrade the second account from trial to full just by using a PLEX.

However… here comes the tricky part. Trial accounts turn out to have a restriction that they can’t do anything related to contracts at all, even accepting contracts. So I couldn’t contract over a couple of PLEX to her character. I’ve just realised that I could have just traded with her, but this didn’t occur to me then 😦
To get around this, I sent her 300 million ISK and set up an order for a PLEX in Jita for 280 million. Prices have been fluctuating wildly ever since Tyrannis, and can go from 277 million to 300 million in less than a day. I don’t know how much of the volume is caused by margin traders and how many PLEXes actually get used, but it’s quite impressive and serves as a reminder of how big the EVE world is, even for an MMO that’s comparatively small and niche market.

However… this morning she checked her wallet and found that her buy order was gone. Whoopee, means a PLEX has been bought right? Nope, she couldn’t find the PLEX anywhere in her hangar or her assets. In addition, there was no transaction in the wallet to mark a sale. So the order wasn’t filled. But she was still missing the 280 million ISK, which she should have been refunded if the order had been accidentally cancelled or something. In the end, she had to send an in-game petition about it. The case of the missing order is still open, but I’m hopeful that the GMs should be able to sort it out and refund the missing ISK. Even if there was some strange trial restriction like “no buying of PLEX” the ISK shouldn’t just disappear into thin air…

Meanwhile, my wife has been having fun (I think?) doing some level 1 missions with Caldari Navy. My aim is to eventually get her character into a Drake and come along with me to do level 4s. Why a Drake? Firstly, missiles are long range and more hassle free than guns, needing only one group of skills and being able to deal all damage types easily. Secondly, the Drake’s passive tank is easier to manage if I have to multi-box and yet hopefully is strong enough to take a few hits before warping out in case it gets aggro during a mission. I didn’t have a good first impression of the Drake the last time I used it, but maybe the Darkwing Duck can redeem itself. It could do much better spewing missiles in a supporting role while orbiting my tanking Dominix, since I could fit it to have a bit more firepower without having to worry too much about the tank.

Her character was originally Minmatar, so we had to train up Caldari Frigate 1,2 and 3 before she could use the Kestrel she’s now flying. She’s already had her “hi, welcome to EVE” moment when she lost her Slasher in her 2nd mission, but the Kestrel is doing very well so far. She seems naturally suited to the Caldari style of warfare, which involves running away very fast while lobbing missiles at everything in range. With her paltry skills, it took much jiggling in EFT to come up with something which was barely able to squeeze on the Kestrel. I had to resort to a Power Diagnostic Unit and a Reactor Control Unit in the 2 low slots, but managed to get 2 small shield extenders and a small shield booster (all meta 3s) for the tank and 4 ‘Malkuth’ standard missile launchers in the highs, which gives decent firepower. She even managed to complete Worlds Collide with the Kestrel, an amazingly impressive feat considering her character is less than 2 days old and she didn’t even do the tutorials! I’d read so many horror stories about Worlds Collide that I didn’t even dare to accept it with only a frigate. Ah, sometimes it’s better to be ignorant I guess…

Again, it makes me laugh when I think about those people who say that you need to play EVE Offline for months first. If a 2 day old character can do Worlds Collide in a little Kestrel, don’t tell me they need more skillpoints first before being able to play the game.

4 thoughts on “The case of the missing order

  1. I have always wanted to do the Epic Mission Arcs. I was going to say that, if you had trouble with any of them, that you could ask me to come lend a hand, but it looks like you’ve got it covered now!

    Have you gotten your sentries up to tech 2 yet?

    Also, congratulations to your wife on her successful Worlds Collide! That one can often take a couple of tries to figure out, so she’s off to a good start.

  2. Well it will be a fair bit before her character gets skilled up enough to really help in level 4s. She’s coming with me to do some level 3s now and can help kill frigates pretty well, but can’t make even a dent in cruisers and almost gets insta-popped whenever they glare accusingly at her Kestrel. Unfortunately our time zones don’t intersect that well so it’d be hard to run them together.

    I’m still slogging through Hull Upgrades V for the t2 hardeners now. Debating on whether to go for t2 sentries since they are only really usable on the Dominix. I feel like I should work more on skills that benefit all ship classes first, like maybe more gunnery skills.

  3. You are right about the sentries. The only other ship I heard people talk about using them much with was the Ishtar.

    You’re probably also right about the guns vs. sentries thing. It’s a skill-balancing game, as with so much in EVE, where the Dominix’s mission-running speed is put up against the benefits to many more other ships you fly, with something like Gunnery. For example, my gunnery skills are terrible. I have no T2 weapon ability at all. Since I only mission with the Dominix, it’s not so bad, but for someone with a lot more ship ability like you, sentries might not be the best priority.

    Also, please keep posting – I like to read this blog!

  4. […] EVE When I first decided to get another account about a month back, me and my wife encountered the mysterious disappearance of a PLEX buy order. The buy order was not cancelled and was not filled, but we were out the ISK from the market escrow […]

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