Case closed

Closed, but not solved.

The mysterious disappearance of a PLEX buy order was concluded when my wife’s wallet swelled by 280 million after the next downtime. Whether it was due to her petition to the GMs or simply some weird delayed refund that got processed only after downtime remains a mystery. In any case, I traded a PLEX to her and she managed to upgrade her account from a trial to a full account.

It’s still a bit disconcerting how a market order can just disappear though. In this case it was easily noticeable because a) it was the only order and b) it was bloody 280 million ISK, you tend to notice things like that. However I can easily imagine how I would totally miss out on smaller orders that go missing. Even if we did get refunded, we could have missed out on buying a PLEX if the prices had dipped down to our buy price (they didn’t, but hey they COULD HAVE). Oh well, no harm done but still…

Unfortunately the super duper mega extended downtime may also result in my wife’s character losing a few hours of skill training. She was training Cybernetics IV, which would have taken 2 days. I’m not quite sure when it was supposed to complete since we can’t run EVEMon at home, but I think it was either late last night or this morning. My character, on the other hand, has been training Hull Upgrades V for the past year (8 days without “skill training complete” seems like a really really long time…) so he’s pretty safe.

Meanwhile, we’ve been running some level 3s together with the Ministry of Internal Order. It’s quite funny seeing her Kestrel buzz around my gigantic Dominix. Playing solo, it’s easy to lose sight of the difference in scale between different ships. Unless you like to spend a lot of time floating outside Jita, you don’t often come into close contact with other ships. During missions, I either zoom way out to see what’s going on or the Dominix fills about a quarter of the screen in the default camera view. From her viewpoint, her Kestrel looks about the same size. It’s only when you put the two ships side by side that you realise that the Kestrel is so small I can’t even see it, it’s like a purple speck around me. In fact, it’s about the size of my drones 🙂 Woot, I have a missile drone!

But she’s surprisingly able to help out a bit in level 3s. She can take out the normal frigates much quicker than I can, considering that I need to switch out from sentries to medium drones and they take time to fly around etc. Elite frigates give her some trouble, but then they don’t die quickly to my drones either so that’s to be expected. But it’s really much more fun to mission together, even with some added hassle of moving together as a fleet and having to make sure I aggro everything first or risk her Kestrel being incinerated by 6 cruisers at 60 km 🙂

I’ll probably train her character up with Caldari Frigate IV and Cruisers I and II next, giving her access to the Caracal missile cruiser. I’ve come up with a fit with 4 heavy missile launchers for her, so she’ll be able to hit at slightly longer ranges (up to 40 km) and be able to survive a bit better. After that though, I should probably finish up the learning skills before pressing on to the skills needed for the Drake.

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