Loyalty what?

So once again I learned something new in EVE. And not in the manner of “You have finished training Hull Upgrades V”, which is definitely something to cheer about though.

I have to say that it feels weird having to once again have to think about what skills to put in the queue every day. Ok, yes, it was only 8 days compared to say 23 days for Drone Interfacing V. But for more than a week I’ve felt so used to not even checking the skill queue when I log in. No time to log in today because kid is fussy? No worries, I’m training Hull Upgrades V! Only have time to check orders? Hey, I’m still training Hull Upgrades V! EVE servers down for 2 days due to server migration? No fear, still halfway through Hull Upgrades V!!!

Anyway, what I’m really talking about is I finally realised what all those little loyalty points that agents kept throwing at me were for. Broadly speaking I knew I could use them to redeem for stuff that could be sold, like faction ships and implants and such, since I had read somewhere that a significant portion of the supposed 20-30 million payout per level 4 mission actually came from the loyalty points. But me being a packrat, I promptly filed them into the “save for when I need them” mental category and sort of just ignored that little loyalty point tab in the Journal. And yes, it’s in the journal, not in the wallet or something which I kinda keep expecting it to be.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had been engaging in a little bit of market manipulation by buying out 90 plus skillbooks that this guy kept dumping at a discounted price in Jita. He seemed to appear once in a while with his massive orders that would block everyone else’s stock from selling, so I would buy him out and resell at a higher price. The margin was decent due to his deep undercutting, so I was ok with him providing me with some stock to sell, but I was worried and a bit perplexed at where these people were getting such huge supplies from since I could be taking in stock faster than I could sell them.

Well, over the weekend someone else appeared and dumped huge amounts of other skillbooks as well. This time, however, I checked out the seller’s standings and discovered that he had an obscene amount of standing with almost every faction. So this guy is probably some really dedicated mission runner… Hmmmm. Wait a minute… One quick google search later and I was groaning at my own stupidity.

Seems that skillbooks are available for loyalty points from every faction, with the type of book varying according to that faction’s specialty. For example, Gallente corps sell Gallente Drone Specialisation and Caldari corps sell Large Railgun Specialisation and so on and so forth. No wonder these guys appear periodically with huge stocks of skillbooks… The skillbooks are also one of the few items that you can buy using only loyalty points, with no cash outlay. For some reason most people are like this, they will hesitate to put out any of their own cash even if it gains them even more in exchange. In this case I haven’t really done the math yet on what is the best ISK per loyalty point, so they may be doing the right thing in any case. You can find a list of stuff available for loyalty points here.

So I guess I should be wary about stockpiling these items from now on, since there’s a cheap (in the “my time is free lol” kind of way of thinking that most people seem to have) source of these items. On the other hand, I should also think about spending some of my own loyalty points and converting them into ISK. If I can find a way of converting points to ISK with a better ratio than any of the items that I could possibly want to buy for myself, then I should just get the ISK now and buy the items using ISK later. In EVE, everything can be bought for ISK, it’s just a matter of not getting scammed…


5 thoughts on “Loyalty what?

  1. Hey mate, contact me in game if you want will show you the item I trade. Is around 30mill isk profit for 15k LP.

  2. Wow that’s a damn good conversion ratio. The skillbooks are mostly less than 1000 ISK/point… I presume your character name is Arionos?

  3. yeah, arionos. Im at work a lot so cant be on always, eve mail and eve gate work fine though. Otherwise Im open to pm’s or you can drop by “sok’s pub” on the chat.

  4. […] finding out that the skillbooks which I had been attempting to stockpile to control the market were from Loyalty Point stores, I had resolved not to try this trick again since it was evident […]

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