Market monkeys

You can always find amusing things in Jita. Amusing in a kind of “scratches head wondering what these monkeys are thinking” kind of way.

I’ve previously mentioned the guy in Jita who had put up an order for 30 implants… in Jita 4 Moon 5. His order has now been sitting there untouched for more than a month, despite him pitifully updating his price every couple of hours.

Sorry for the resolution, it’s hard to make the picture big enough to be legible with EVE’s tiny fonts. I’m still wondering how long it will take this guy to realise that his order really stands out from every single other order (I also hope he doesn’t have any other orders placed in Jita 4-5). Notice the 3 telltale signs he should have noticed circled in red (if he had put his range as systemwide it would be ok, hence the 3rd circle). This is aside from the ginormously obvious difference that on his screen every other order shows up as unhighlighted while his is green. Which brings me to the other guy which I just noticed, with his order circled in blue. Have fun collecting your implants from all over The Forge region… I hope you meant to do that for some reason.

The other thing I find exasperating is how some traders seem to be little better than robots mindlessly updating their prices. Of course there’s always the possibility that they ARE bots since there are apparently mining bots, but I’m not so sure how many trading bots there are or even if it’s possible. Very often I see something like this happening:

Note that the buy orders were previously in the 2,231,000 ISK range. Some guy comes along, and puts up an order 7 jumps away for a single unit of this item, with a 2 jump range. Of course he thinks “I’ll get it faster if I put a higher price hur-de-hur” and overbids by 400,000 ISK. Either that or he knows what’s going to happen and is actually trying to manipulate the market.

What happens next is that some absolutely brainless monkey will start overbidding the 2,630,000 ISK price, just so that their order appears on the top of the buy order window. Despite the fact that that single order 7 jumps away has absolutely no bearing on the Jita market whatsoever. No one in Jita is going to lose any sales to that order, since no one would jump a minimum of 5 jumps away just to get a 400,000 ISK savings. And it’s only a single unit, in a market that moves hundreds of these items every single day. And henceforth everyone continues to overbid that order, which ends up costing millions more for everyone. Le sigh.

Oh wait maybe they think they are engaging in “market PvP”

On a less cynical note, I actually did a sort-of trading run today. The market for one of the skillbooks which I found out came from Loyalty Points had collapsed below my purchase price due to these mission runners dumping huge numbers of them in Jita. There’s no way I could buy out 300 plus skillbooks and expect to sell them before these guys appear again, and there’s no point keeping my sell order up at my original price and waiting a few weeks for those ginormous orders to clear.

However, they actually still sold pretty decently at Amarr…. hmm. And my other trading alt had just run out of stock of this item to sell. So I loaded up my little Gallente shuttle with my remaining stock and bought a few other things which I knew sold better in Amarr. Undocked into the void, almost getting run over by a blaring Charon freighter which was 5000 times my size, and set my autopilot for the 9 jump journey to Amarr.

I was a bit worried about getting suicide ganked along the way due to the value of the goods, which was more than 300 million, but figured a shuttle is pretty fast and normally not worth the effort of a gank. I had a bit of a heart attack when a Stabber actually started locking on to me while I was 12km from the Kaaputenen stargate, but my nimble little shuttle actually made the jump before he could resolve the lock. Gate camp failed! Kek.

The rest of the trip passed without any other incidents. For some reason Gallente shuttles are bright and cheery yellow instead of their usual dark gray-green color which they use on the rest of their ships. Makes it look like a little taxi rushing around. I would totally fit a Civilian Horn Amplifier on my shuttle and spam it while buzzing past those huge lumbering freighters and Orcas on the way to the stargate.


5 thoughts on “Market monkeys

  1. Is there a way to tell when someone is attempting to lock on? Last I knew, if their icon was blinking yellow, they had a lock. It then turns red when they activate a weapon or some other offensive module. (a cargo scanner does not count as offensive and thus would not turn the icon red) Beyond that, I don’t think it tells you when they’re attempting to lock on and haven’t yet.

  2. I think they are locking on when their icon has this flashy white box around it. At least that’s what I assumed it was… There’s that lock-on warbling tone too.

  3. Oops just realised that’s because I automatically start locking on to ships that start targetting me… 🙂

  4. Regarding market stuff, your posting about it has gotten me a bit more interested, and I’ll be posting soon about my dabbling in market-based money-making. Aren’t you proud? Yes, you are inspirational!

    One other thing: Usually you will know if you are being targeted. However, using a passive targeting system (a module of some kind) allows you to lock targets without them detecting it. I don’t know how widespread use of such things is, but it’s good to know that you can’t always tell.

  5. […] some recent posts that I read on a great blog, Intellimoo’s Corner, especially the one about Market Monkeys. I also think about some comments that have been posted on my recent blog posts. I’ve never […]

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