Flying economy class

Now I think it’s pretty clear that I am, with no beating about the bush, a money-grubbing miser. Both in game and in real life. I’m never going to buy a flashy car or a big house or some ridiculously overpriced piece of garbage. Well, actually I’m never going to buy a handbag, period, but you get the point.

In New Eden, my ships are pretty run of the mill. I don’t stint on Tech 2 if I can use it, but I don’t even buy meta 4s most of the time as most meta 4 modules are insanely priced for the upgrade they provide. Prices in EVE, just like skill training times, seem to universally follow a steep exponential curve despite the benefits actually being linear.

However, I’ve seen plenty of killmails like this 2 billion ISK Tengu, which was actually killed by friendly fire of all things. The very thought of equipping a ship with a 1.1 billion ISK module totally boggles my mind.

I mean, for that kind of price I’d expect my ship to be invincible or something. Most killboards measure effectiveness by ISK destroyed vs ISK lost, which I think is a very good way of thinking. Most faction and officer mods are nowhere near worth the ISK they cost. For example, I took a look at how much it would cost to buy Caldari Navy Heavy Missile Launchers for my Drake. They cost 55 million ISK each!!! That’s almost as much as my entire Drake fit in the first place. Equipping 7 of those would be like duct-taping 7 other fully-fitted Drakes on top of a Drake hull, only much less awesome.

Comparing the stats of the various heavy missile launchers, it’s clear that the Caldari Navy and Dread Guristas launchers are definitely the best. They use the least powergrid and the same CPU as the Tech 2 versions, while having the largest capacity and best rate of fire. However, the rate of fire improvement is only a 12.5% increase in DPS over the Tech 2 or meta 4 launchers. Is that worth a price tag of 55 million per launcher compared to 750k or 13.5 million respectively? Not to me. I’d rather fly 8 Drakes with meta 3 launchers than splurge on faction or officer mods and risk losing half a billion ISK to an unlucky DC or crying kid AFK.

I could sort of see the point if the reduced fitting requirements allow certain fits that wouldn’t otherwise be viable, because then it’s not just some marginal DPS increase. Or maybe the hull is already expensive, I mean I wouldn’t put cheapo meta 0 modules on a tech 3 strategic cruiser either. But in EVE there’s always the risk of losing your ship due to circumstances beyond your control, and using super expensive mods doesn’t exactly make your ship super powerful either. I’m sure that 2 billion ISK Tengu would still have died to a ragtag EVE Uni newbie frigate fleet that cost less than 100 million.

Maybe these are old players that have like trillions of ISK just lying around, but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to undock in a ship that’s worth half a year of PLEX…

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