Snakes on a Plane

I’ve been on a spending spree lately. 😦 It’s only been about a week since I bought an Obelisk for 659 million ISK, and I’ve already spent another billion…

But I couldn’t help it. I’ve found a ship that seems to be all I’ve been looking for.

A lean, mean, fighting machine. The Rattlesnake seems to be what you get after you throw a Raven and a Dominix into a blender. 400 m3 drone bay, which is bigger than the Dominix’s. Same 10% drone hp and damage bonus per level of Gallente Battleship, without the useless (to me) bonus to Large Hybrid Turrets. Throw in 5% shield resists per level of Caldari Battleship and 50% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo velocity and 4 missile high slots, and a staggering number of mid and low slots. Yummy.

I’m still quite a noob when it comes to the various ships in EVE, and am mostly familiar with Gallente and Caldari ships since I’m semi-trained in drones and missiles. Furthermore, I mostly only look at ships and modules that are available on the market, firstly because EVE’s contract interface is pretty horrendous and secondly because more than half of the contracts in EVE are scams. Incidentally, I occasionally get hits from people searching for “how to tell if a contract in EVE is a scam”. The answer is simple: Read Carefully and Learn to Tell Between Thousand and Million.

So I’m still extremely clueless when it comes to any faction ships, since I never see them. The only time I had ever heard of a Rattlesnake was when some ninja salvaging griefer was very happy at managing to blow one up. From this I assumed that it was some really expensive and rare ship (and also for some strange reason it latched into my brain that it was a Command Ship). I was pretty surprised when Audra Li mentioned it as being the only ship that seemed to be an upgrade over her Dominix. As a Dominix user myself I was naturally piqued by this and went and did some research as well as some EFT tinkering.

Holy moly… my respect for the technical expertise of Gurista pirates just went up a thousand-fold. How is it that a bunch of dirty scruffy pirates living on asteroids can come up with a ship that is so easy to fit and has such an incredible omgwhatisthisicantevenunderstand passive tank. It seems to have such an incredible shield recharge rate that just by training up to Caldari Battleship III, with my other crappy skills, I can get 84k EHP and 532 tanked dps.

Yeah, ok, that’s with a Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field but I can drop it down to a T2 version and still tank 478 dps, which is still pretty overtanked for level 4s.

I’ve been meaning to switch to a Raven Navy Issue for a while, to try out missiles as well as to try and improve my dps. Training T2 railguns on the Dominix will take a crapload more time than I’m willing to put in, and I wasn’t very impressed by the performance of my 4x meta 4 railguns. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that I couldn’t seem to come up with a satisfactory tank on the CNR. Especially since I’ve become so used to cap stable fits. My internet connection tends to die every so often especially when it’s raining, and here in Singapore it’s the rainy season all year round. Add in periodic baby summons and an active tank that only lasts 5 minutes is a really bad idea. I could come up with cap stable fits that can tank about 270 dps, but that depended on a heavy nos which… I don’t know, didn’t seem very dependable. I could get a slightly weaker but cap stable tank without the nos by going batshit crazy on faction/complex modules (CN/DG Invulnerability field, 2x Pithi B-type small shield boosters) but that seemed a bit extreme.

So the Rattlesnake seemed to be the best of both worlds. A crazy passive shield tank (I’m so lazy). Missile slots instead of weaksauce guns. And enough mid slots left to fit drone tracking and navigation modules, which pump up drone dps by allowing sentries and heavies to hit smaller targets easily. Of course, people will cry when they see my faction Rattlesnake using noobie Ogre I’s and Warden I’s… Some training in Heavy Drone Operation may be in the works. Most recommended fits also use torpedoes instead of cruise missiles (a 175.5 km optimal is just total overkill), but with torps I can’t seem to get an optimal higher than 45.6 km even with max skills and T2 javelin torps, which doesn’t really seem long enough? Will have to play around between torps and cruise missiles to be sure.

Surprisingly the price was pretty acceptable, 515 million ISK for a faction battleship. Apparently they used to go for more than a billion, and the other pirate faction ships are selling for around 900 million. Many people prefer the CNR or Golem since they do higher dps, and I’m sure they have a sufficient tank anyway. It’s just that I like the flexibility offered by the passive tank. The afterburner can only run for 7 minutes, but I only intend to use it in short spurts to reach acceleration gates and may even drop it if it proves unnecessary.

Besides the Rattlesnake, I’ve placed a bid for the aforementioned DG Invulnerability Field at 385 million, spent 55 million for a Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link and bought another PLEX for 291 million (since the price had dipped). I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more new shinies for a while, especially since I still have to pay the 45+75 million ISK for Advanced Spaceship Command and Gallente Freighter skillbooks…

4 thoughts on “Snakes on a Plane

  1. First, that is a -lot- of ISK. You are making me feel poor!

    Secondly, thank you for mentioning me again – I haven’ gotten any new comments on my blog, but if anyone from yours even went and read mine, I’m happy.

    Finally, your fit is close to what I would be doing if I decided to go for it. I’ll post my fit with the minimum skills on my blog later, if you want to compare notes.

    I am very inteested if you enjoy piloting the ship, what your experiences are like, etc. It will be helpful in my deciding if I want to go through the time and expense of upgrading my mission ship.

  2. I just made myself even poorer by buying out a CN Invul Field for 397 million after losing out on the DG Invul Field auction >.< I think this doesn't count as "new" shiny, since I was already preparing to buy it…

    Yeah I'd be interested in your fit. I'm thinking I could probably drop the EM hardener for another tracking link or something, but I'm really not sure how much of a tank I would actually need.

  3. That one module is more than 3/4 the price of a Rattlesnake hull – that’s crazy!

    I posted my fitting idea on my blog; I am also looking for advice there.

  4. Been reading your post for while now. Still doing L3 mission for internal order at pen in my prophecy . If you ever on go to kopitiam channel it’s for Malaysian and Singaporean player or go to low yat forum. Look me up when you’re in pen

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