I couldn’t wait any more and took my Rattlesnake out for a spin.

Hands down the meanest looking ship I’ve ever owned. My wife’s first question was “how come it looks like a scorpion” which was understandable given that she only knows it as the Rattlesnake without having seen it’s low-tech Scorpion predecessor.

Since I’m still training Missile Launcher Operation V, I couldn’t actually mount cruise missiles yet. So I slapped on 2 tractor beams and 2 salvagers and went to do some level 3s. Yeah, a salvaging Rattlesnake, a sight to make veteran pilots everywhere cringe and /facepalm.

And it is awesome. I have yet to go below 95% shields. And sometimes I don’t even bother turning on the Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field. Granted these are only level 3s and not really the difficult ones, but it’s still funny. With 2 Federated Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Links boosting drone tracking and my PWNAGE target painter, I can easily use Ogre Is on cruisers. They take a while to get to their targets, but once they do those cruisers just get evaporated. They also increase the tracking and optimal range of sentries quite a bit, making them a bit more effective close in.

The only downside is that the Rattlesnake is undeniably slow, and I can’t run the afterburner for more than a few minutes, after which I really need the heavy nos to regain my cap. I’m leaning more and more towards just dropping it in the future in exchange for a drone navigation computer to speed up my drones, but for the time being I’m still keeping it since it’s a necessity for salvaging. Once I bring a dedicated salvager I’ll refit for super long range combat with cruise launchers and just sit there blowing up everything in the room.

One thing puzzles me though… why the desert camouflage pattern?

It’s not like enemy pilots will not notice a patch of desert flying across their viewscreen. I guess the Guristas must live on some really arid asteroids, given their preoccupation with desert wildlife (like the Gila, the Rattlesnake’s little brother). Speaking of which, I’ve bought a Gila despite trying to avoid buying new toys… I blame Stabs for tempting me with his own Gila purchase. It will serve nicely for those level 1s and 2s which don’t need a huge battleship, and it’s much smaller than the rigged Drake which I planned to cart around in my Obelisk, while being just as effective.

On the subject of salvaging ships, I realised that I’m actually not that far away from being able to fly Minmatar and Amarr cruisers and battlecruisers either. And while most people recommend a Catalyst destroyer for salvaging, I actually like the Minmatar Cyclone a lot more.

Being a bigger ship, it naturally has a larger capacitor which means I don’t need to rig it with capacitor control circuit rigs just to be able to run stable. It also has a bigger cargohold at 1255 m3 compared to the Catalyst’s 829 m3. It can perma-run afterburners, or can even use a micro-warp drive in spurts if the room allows it, while still having the same 4 tractors and 4 salvagers as the Catalyst. And to top it all off, not using rigs means I can repackage it, resulting in a size of only 15,000 m3 compared to 55,000 m3 for the rigged Catalyst. Seems superior in every way to me, I’m surprised that the Catalyst still gets more recognition.

Maybe it’s because the Cyclone, unfortunately, looks like a solar-powered flashlight.


5 thoughts on “Joyride

  1. I’d switch from Cyclone to the much better Hurricane. Try it with a cap recharger II, and a large battery II (or another cap recharger II), an AB, and MWD in the mids. That and 3 CCC rigs will keep it cap stable with the MWD and salvagers/tractors on all the time. Also, you get more lows for the those cargo II’s

  2. PS. The reason for the MWD and AB is so you can use the AB in those obnoxious deadspace areas that don’t allow MWD, but you don’t have to worry about switching them out all the time.

  3. Doh… good point. The Hurricane is much better since it has more lows, although the cap is slightly worse off with less mids but not much more so.

    Good thing you caught it before I bought my Cyclone 😛

  4. Go for hurricane – a salvacane

  5. well sense you have the money to buy a gila and a rattlesnake you just buy ore industrial train to lvl 1 and buy a noctis

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