News of the guy who lost 74 PLEX in a Kestrel in Jita has been making the rounds. Frankly I’m not altogether surprised, as I think many people expected something like this to occur ever since CCP allowed PLEX to be moved around. The exact means was a bit unexpected, but what I’m really surprised at is the number of people that seem to think that CCP has some sort of obligation to reimburse the PLEX destroyed.

Many people have already pointed out that it’s no different from a supercarrier or titan being destroyed, in terms of ISK value. Heck, I remember about a month ago some guy lost an entire collection of blueprints in an Iteron V which was worth something like 14 billion ISK as well. However, the fact that it’s PLEX and “Real Munnies!!!” involved seems to have made a lot of people think that there is something different in this.

Why? If I go to a Ferrari dealership and splurge on a shiny new Ferrari with all the extras, in perfect working condition, only to completely total it by running full-speed into a tree while pulling out of the dealership parking lot, is Ferrari somehow obligated to reimburse me?

If I buy a Sony 40″ plasma TV and 6 months later decide to sell it at a flea market, only to drop it on the floor while moving it to my car… Am I supposed to complain to Sony customer service that I did not receive the service which I paid for?

One of the commenters on Wilhelm’s post who thinks CCP is open to the possibility of a lawsuit even claims to be a lawyer… are people really so tolerant of incredible stupidity that this idea can even be raised for more than 2 seconds without being met by loud and unending laughter? Ok, granted that it is in the personal interest of lawyers to promote the filing of numerous spurious lawsuits so that they can grow fat on lawyer fees, but sadly he’s not the only one who thinks CCP has a responsibility to heal stupid.

Again, this is not even just some random suicide ganking. From what I’ve read (and in no way did I put in any effort to corroborate the facts, but what the heck):
1) The pilot chose to use a poorly tanked T1 frigate (looks like a cyno alt fit) to transport 22 billion ISK of goods
2) The attackers had an active war-declaration against the pilot’s alliance/corp
3) The attackers were in battleships, which take quite a while to lock small targets like the Kestrel, and the killmail shows that artillery weapons were used, meaning it wasn’t smartbombs that killed him
4) The guy was killed at a Jita gate, which means he was AUTOPILOTING WITH 74 PLEXES DURING A WARDEC and afked for so long that he lost his cloak after jumping in and then got locked and killed

This is not about some guy walking along the road and falling into a hole. This is a guy who looked on the map for the Pit Of Stupid, tied his shoelaces together and then jumped in headfirst while filming himself going “look Ma, see what I can dooooooooo”.

Even if the pilot obtained the PLEX through buying GTCs from CCP, the transaction was fully completed as he received the number of PLEX he bought. He did not need to transport the PLEX to utilise them, and he was fully aware that he ran the risk of losing them if he undocked with them. A lot of people speculate that he was trying to arbitrage on PLEX prices, which to me is another folly on itself since the return is miserable for that kind of investment. A 10 million return for a 300+ million investment? The sales tax alone would be 3 million out of the 10 milion. I don’t even bother trading in any market that doesn’t give a minimum of 10% return because it’s a waste of time, and that’s without even taking the risk from hauling into consideration.

Even if CCP added 20 warning pop-ups whenever someone tried to undock with PLEX, someone somewhere in the universe will still lose a cargohold of PLEX.

No wonder we have wonderful warning signs like these. Unfortunately the next generation of stupid will be unable to read, so they’ll have to have audio versions.


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