Worlds Collide Redux

Ok so I’m late to the party, but finally I tried (and completed, plenty have tried and failed…) the level 4 mission Worlds Collide!

It was with quite a bit of trepidation that I actually decided to accept the mission. 2 months ago I was offered this mission by my agent in Nahyeen with the Ministry of Internal Order, and got scared off by the mission report on EVE-survival. Since then however, a lot of things have changed. I now fly a Rattlesnake with an epic tank, and I have an alt flying a Raven to provide extra missile goodness. If a Rattlesnake can tank level 5s, surely I can do Worlds Collide…

Besides, now that I’m back in Caldari space the mission involves dealing with Serpentis/Guristas. The damage they deal is Thermal/Kinetic for the Serpentis and almost pure Kinetic for the Guristas, which my shield-tanking Rattlesnake and Raven can deal with fairly easily. In Amarr space I would be up against Sansha/Blood Raiders which just blow away shields. Of course I was in a Dominix back then which would do fairly well against all the EM/Thermal damage, but oh well…

I stocked up on a couple of thousand rounds of Wrath and Cataclysm cruise missiles, and even changed up my Rattlesnake fitting a bit to bring a second Invulnerability Field II and a swap of thermal/kinetic hardeners to switch out between the Serpentis/Guristas rooms. Yes, Worlds Collide does have that kind of reputation.

In the end, I have to say that it was a bit anti-climatic but that’s to be expected since normal people can complete the mission in a run-of-the-mill Raven. I made sure to leave the webbing/scrambling frigates for last, and incoming DPS was quite easily tanked in all the rooms. There was a moment of panic when my Raven pilot, in a complete brain-fart moment, targetted and launched a volley of cruise missiles at the wrong group while in the midst of fighting a bunch of Serpentis battleships. I immediately initiated warp, but by the time I actually entered warp the Raven was trailing smoke and flames and left with 60% hull. Ouch. Repairs at a nearby station cost around 3.5 million ISK, which is a large portion of the bounties but oh well. I also lost 2 Warden Is, an Ogre I and 2 Hammerhead IIs during the mission, which was annoying but couldn’t really be helped. First time I’ve seen a sentry drone get 1 shot 😐

I ended up clearing all the rooms, which I later realised I didn’t have to do. Overall it still took quite a long while, I think more than 2 hours including salvaging with my Hurricane. Hauled back a full 2000 m3 of loot, although none of it was particularly valuable. Salvage goes so much faster with the Hurricane… Surprising that it took so long given I was running 2 battleships, but then my DPS skills aren’t really all that high and I did spend some time warping to the station to refit resistance modules and replenish cap after clearing each room. Sigh the one bad thing about a passive Rattlesnake… even the heavy nos can’t keep the cap up with the 5 shield power relays fitted.

3 thoughts on “Worlds Collide Redux

  1. Congratulations on your achievement!

  2. Thanks, although its not much of an achievement 🙂 Was still pretty fun doing it, the agent offered me Worlds Collide again but I have to wait until I have 2 hours to do it again.

  3. […] drone boats using sentries. Looking back through my old posts its pretty funny though, I actually took 2 hours to do Worlds Collide 3 years ago in a Rattlesnake and Raven… to be fair there were no drone damage amps then and […]

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