Space Mountain

Finally, after what seems like eons after first deciding to get a freighter to help with the logistics of moving ships around…

That is one big ship.

I’m still training up Gallente Freighter II and III to get more cargo space, but I can blow the dust off the Obelisk that has been sitting in my hangar and pack it full of goodies. Ended up paying a bit more than I should have for the ship since prices have been going steadily downwards, but you can never tell which way the market is going in EVE.

Before heading back to Venilen, I filled it with the spare minerals I had sitting around Jita and also bought some modules to kit out my Hurricane for combat, plus an expanded probe launcher, combat scanner probes and an Analyzer + Codebreaker in case I decide to do some scanning. Dumped in an Iteron V plus fittings as well. Hmm. Still plenty of space. Included some spare Hammerhead IIs since I seem to lose them all the time, and my Rifter and Punisher BPO in case I need to build some frigates for PVP.

Still only 52,542 m3 out of 787,500 m3 filled. Man this thing is huge…

Finally my packing was complete and I undocked for the first time…

There happened to be a Charon right next to me as I undocked, so you can compare the sizes of the two freighters. Other ships look like flies in comparison.

Unfortunately the Obelisk is really really really slow. I haven’t finished training all the ship agility skills yet, but still the Obelisk has ridiculous align times. After initiating warp to the stargate, I tabbed out to read some blog posts. Vista has this little preview screen when you mouse-over a minimized window, so after reading a few posts I checked that and was surprised to see the Obelisk not in warp. “Wow, that was pretty quick, must have been a short warp.” I thought. Then I realised that the Obelisk hadn’t even started warp yet… /facepalm

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