Shopping time

Decided to head over to Jita and put together my Rifters. Bought 8 Rifters and associated modules, and set up 2 buy orders for Republic Fleet Fusion S and Republic Fleet EMP S. I also bought and fitted another Iteron Mark V in which to cart my disposable Horde of Boos around in. I could have fitted the Iteron with 3 medium cargohold optimization rigs, which would let me cart around 13 ships plus fittings, but figured 8 was a good enough start. After I find a good target system in which to send my Rifters to flaming death, I will ship them over to the nearest high-sec system in the Iteron so I don’t have to travel very far to get a replacement ship.

All in all, the cost was a bit higher than expected. 67,105,897 ISK for the lot, not including the Iteron since I don’t intend to lose that if at all possible. That means my Rifters work out to be 8,388,237 ISK each. I also dropped down from the Arbalest rocket launcher to the next best OE-5200 since the difference in DPS was negligible but the cost was significant. The vast majority of the cost comes from the warp scramblers at close to 3 million each, followed by the T2 autocannons at 1.9 million per set of 3.

I decided on the afterburner + scrambler combination as opposed to the mwd + disruptor which a lot of pilots like since I’m too noob to be able to properly control the range, which is necessary with the mwd + disruptor since you want to be out of range of scramblers while still keeping the disruptor on them, otherwise you lose your own mwd. With the afterburner my “strategy” will simply be to orbit as close as possible and turn on scrambler, afterburner, web and overheat guns.

I predict losing at least 4 Rifters before even finding any targets 😛

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