Feeling my age

Even after 1 year, I often look at my son and think “wow I can’t believe I’m a dad”. When I play basketball on weekends, I often find myself playing with teens and or young twenty-somethings. And amazingly I find that I get along with them better than I do the older crowd, who tend to come later at night and always talk about boring stuff like the economy or the stock market or cars. Most of them would probably be amazed to find out how old I am.

Well after today I’m officially 30.

Ok fine so maybe that’s not that old. But it’s still a sobering feeling that I’ve been muddling around for 30 years already. Geez. By the time my son is 30 I’ll be a 60 year old geezer. And here I am, still trying to go back to school for a Ph.D, still playing games. Sitting down with a roomful of adults still bores the heck out of me.

It’s funny how people always have such good impressions of stuff that happened “during their time”. Things were always better in the good old days. By the time our son is old enough to play games, he’ll probably look quizzically at the games I used to play and wonder how anyone could make out what all the pixelated crap is supposed to be. I intend to dig out my old SNES-clone and show him classics like Super Mario Bros and Balloon Fight too.

Boxy characters in a boxy world

Is that a bird or animal or robot or what

Even when I play basketball, I keep hearing kids nowadays talking about Kobe Bryant being the greatest player ever. And I’m like…. how can anyone who plays basketball not have heard of Michael Jordan? Then I realize that these kids were like… 6 years old when Jordan retired in 1998. I don’t even remember a single thing from when I was 6 years old. When you mention Michael Jordan the image in my mind is like this:

In reality this is what Jordan looks like now, and this will be how those kids remember Jordan:

Kinda sad that in a few short years the Greatest Of All Time could so easily be forgotten by young basketball fans. I post up and do a fadeaway jumper and they go “wow good Kobe move!” I have to restrain myself from telling them to go actually watch some real basketball and see how Kobe learnt everything he knows from Jordan.

Anyway I guess I’m officially middle-aged now, although the burgeoning white hairs on my head were already testament to that. Despite my earlier post about not coming back for Cataclysm, I’m still feeling tempted and might resubscribe after all, for a couple of months at least. I’ll see how it goes after I finish my Ph.D applications and after I come back from a planned trip to my in-laws.

On the EVE front, I’ve really been getting the itch to blow some stuff up. I was training Heavy Drone Operation V on Noork, when I realized that I was wasting skill points with the upcoming removal of learning skills. I had remapped my attributes to favour Perception and Intelligence after getting T2 medium drones, so I wasn’t getting Drone skill points at the maximum rate since they use Memory as the primary attribute. What I should have done was immediately switched to training some Perception/Intelligence skill. That way, I would get more skill points now and when the learning skill reimbursement comes in (about 1.3 million skillpoints) I could just dump it in Heavy Drone Operation V and finish it off immediately. Oh well, its not a big loss.

With Incursion out, I’ve bought the new ORE Industrial skill book and will train it up to try the Noctis, which looks pretty good. The prices for these are stupidly crazy now though and it’s not like I desperately need it, so I’ll just wait for the market to return to sanity. I like the fact that faction ships are on the market now, hopefully that will push the price down a bit with the better availability of information on historical prices so we won’t see crazy swings with limited volume.

Unfortunately, now that I feel like playing EVE I can’t seem to login to the EVE servers from this PC. The connection keeps timing out when trying to authenticate. CCP’s tech support is pretty helpful though and per their instructions I’ve just sent them back some DirectX diagnostics and a ping trace sample. Interestingly I’m experiencing 100% packet loss somewhere in Europe along the way to their servers, no idea why. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


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