Charging off to war

The past weekend I finally bit the bullet in EVE and dipped my toes into the kiddy pool of PvP. I quit my corp (after having to wait 24 hours to remove roles, doh) and joined up with the Caldari State in faction warfare. Whee, I’m now part of the Blob!

I was originally a bit hesitant to do so for fear of getting ganked while flying around in Caldari space. Only recently did I realise that this wasn’t very likely because any war targets would aggro the Caldari Navy the moment they jumped into Caldari high security space. While the Caldari Navy is probably only good at chasing donuts, the extra inconvenience means those dirty Gallente frenchies and Minmatar rebels need to keep moving and are unlikely to muster a large enough force to just sit around waiting to gank my Obelisk.

First up I had a lot of preparation to do. I already had my Iteron V filled with 8 Rabid Rifter packages ready to go in Jita. However, I’m not sure how much pod-death actually happens in low-sec during faction warfare, so I didn’t want to risk my +4 implants and costly missile implants which would be useless in a Rifter. So the plan was to pick up some other gunnery-related skill hardwiring implants and clone jump back to my old clone with +3s and use that as a PvP clone. I bought implants for 3% small projectile damage, 3% tracking, 3% capacitor recharge and afterburner speed boost. Only got cheaper ones since I wasn’t sure how long they would last, altogether the cost was less than 50 million ISK. After piloting the Iteron over to Sobaseki where my old clone was, took a while to actually do the clone jump due to all the session timers. “You can’t clone jump in your ship… oh you can’t leave your ship yet cos you just docked. Ok now you’re in your pod, but you have to wait a while before you can jump.” Finally it was done, and feeling slightly stupider with inferior implants I started the trip out to Nourvukaiken, 1 jump out from low-sec.

Of course that -1 to intelligence showed its effects pretty quickly since I forgot to start training again after pausing to make the clone jump, but fortunately I only lost 20 minutes of training time before noticing.

Finally, arrived at Nourvukaiken and parked myself at a friendly Caldari Navy Assembly station. Time to unload and assemble my first ever Rifter.

Looking good. My gunnery skills are pretty up to snuff now after that long period of training, with every skill at 4. The Incursion change to rockets would also prove handy since my Rifter packed a rocket launcher rather than a nos or neut. Time to boldly go forth and meet flaming death.

First time ever jumping into low-sec. My target system was Tama, which was on the list of most dangerous systems according to my faction warfare overview. I had no safe spots ready either…. but it turned out there was no one on the other side of the gate.

Checking d-scan I noted there were a buttload of POS towers up. And a small bunker up for grabs! I knew there was something about capturing bunkers or plexes, so I figured that was a good place for some action.

Warped in and saw lots of NPC frigates around, with a group of 3 around a capture point with a timer on it. No enemy pilots though. Decided to try out the Rifter in combat against the NPCs, wow it’s fast. Pretty high dps also and easily shredded them all. After waiting 5 minutes for the bunker to be captured, still hadn’t found any enemy pilots. There was a Dramiel on d-scan somewhere, but I wasn’t eager to try taking that on. Also a couple of industrials, but they seemed to be parked at a tower since it was unlikely that there would be someone just sitting around waiting to be shot. One of them was an Badger Mk II called Pinata, so could be bait as well.

I also realised that I’m really bad at using the d-scan to find anything. I saw another Rifter and tried to narrow it down, but the best I could do was decide that it was in the vicinity of Tama VIII. Unfortunately Tama VIII has 7 moons, and I never did manage to find that Rifter.

Finally I was running out of time, and decided to take a peek at another site, some abandoned Caldari outpost. This one had cruisers and destroyers in it, and was pretty tough. I was taking huge amounts of damage and only managed to kill 2 destroyers before having to warp out in half armor, ouch. I made my way back to Nourvukaiken and that was the end of my first ever PvP foray, ironically without any actual PvP.

Since I wouldn’t get that much time to play during the week, I clone jumped back to my +4 clone to maximise skill training. Time to learn a bit about using the d-scan and hopefully next time I’ll find someone to blow (me) up.


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