Lots to say but no motivation to say it

I’m still having fun in WoW. In fact that’s probably a big reason why I haven’t been posting much, when I have free time I mostly want to be playing instead of writing. My shaman has gotten to 85 and done quite a few heroics and is actually pretty well geared now for healing with a few epics and 346 gear in all the other slots. The new instances are still fun, but I haven’t been able to do heroics as much as I’d have liked due to play time constraints at night. Especially as the healer, its not too nice to have to suddenly go afk due to baby aggro.

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been meaning to post about, from a review of some of the new zones and instances to some of the interesting experiences running heroics and such. But after a while I start thinking that it’s not any much different from what a lot of other people write about, and they write much better than me so… Besides, I think I’ve written enough grumpy WoW rants in the past.

So instead I will show a picture of my alt hunter, innocently standing in Stonetalon trying to figure out what to do for a quest, when suddenly…

What just happened?

Yeah Deathwing attacked and I got the “Stood in the fire” achievement (not that I actually even saw the fire, I just collapsed dead on the ground). Not only that he wiped out the entire horde base as well, which doesn’t really make much sense since they just appear again after a couple of moments. Hilariously though the only survivor was that little level 1 girl Clarissa who I have targeted in the screenshot.

Deathwing’s flames were also so powerful that they bugged me out and I couldn’t resurrect, not even after reloading the interface. I had to relog to get to the spirit healer.