Forays of an Incursion noob

One of the things I’ve been keen to try out since resubscribing to EVE is Incursions. They were actually released just prior to when I last stopped playing, but at that time all I knew was that they required a fleet and since I wasn’t in a corp, that was pretty much un-doable. Well, I did try to solo one in my Rattlesnake. Now that I think about it, I shudder from what could have happened. I had no idea what kind of site it was, I just warped in and deployed sentries. I don’t know whether I should be proud of the fact that I did manage to kill a couple of Sansha (don’t remember if they were frigates). I do know that I was scrammed and getting pounded when for some reason they switched scrams to my Garde II’s, allowing me to GTFO out of there and save my Rattlesnake. Die bravely, young Garde II’s, I will always remember you.

Nowadays though, there are quite a few public fleets being formed for Incursions and even some specialized chat channels such as The Valhalla Project that are dedicated to running incursion sites. There is a lot of published information about the spawns in each site and how to run them as easily as possible, as well as recommended fits for all types of ships.

The corp I’ve joined has a few members who regularly run Incursions with the TVP folks, but not enough people to regularly run an all-corp Incursion operation, which was a bit of a disappointment. I really like the atmosphere and core values of this corp, and despite all the good said about the people who run TVP the chat channel still sound mostly like its inhabited by 12 year olds, or even worse, American 20 year old undergraduate jocks. So I’m still very reluctant to run anything with them since it’s not like I’m hard up for ISK, I mostly want to just try them out for fun and I’m not interested in the WoW heroic PUG experience in EVE.

So I was pretty happy when our corp announced an Incursion op a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty late by my standards, but I could afford to stay up late once in a while since our son sleeps much better at night now. I have to admit that one of the reasons why I wanted to run Incursions was that I wanted to fly a new shiny ship, a Nightmare that I bought on a whim a while ago. For some reason, I’ve always been intrigued by the Nightmare. It’s not even that I particularly like the look of it, its so weird and spiky. But back when I was looking at the Machariel, I was debating between buying that or a Nightmare since I had zero skills in either lasers or projectiles so I could go either way. In the end it seemed like I could get a better PVE fit with the Machariel, and I was always worried about the incredible amount of capacitor that lasers drain, not to mention they only do EM and Thermal damage.

In any case, since I had the ISK I went ahead and bought the Nightmare anyway, mentally justifying it as my Incursion ship. I could have used my Machariel, but then I would have to refit the 3x CCC rigs on it for shield extenders and resists, which would hurt it’s missioning capabilities. It would still be doable, but I think it’s fairly apparent that I was just looking for an excuse to buy a Nightmare πŸ˜› I decided on 2 fits for my Nightmare, mostly just following the recommendations for Sniper and DPS fits here.



I went with the Pulse fit for that first op, since the FC said most of the targets would be close in. Overall the op went pretty well, although I admit that initially I was a bit disappointed in the performance of the Nightmare. I was expecting to be vaping Sansha ships left and right since I was doing EM/Thermal damage, but apparently Incursion NPCs are omni-tanked and just tough little bastards. Also, the range of the faction pulses was a bit of a problem with optimal+falloff of 29 km. I’ve since realised that T2 pulses are really necessary for laser battleships, rather than a simple DPS increase that most other T2 weapons provide. I still have to train Large Energy Turret V for 16 days though, so that’s not happening anytime soon. On the other hand, faction crystals seem to take very little damage and so there is really no reason at all not to use them as the cost is insignificant compared to the amount of Scourge Fury heavy missiles that the Tengu devours.

I tried out the Sniper fit on another corp Incursion op that went on a couple of days ago, since it was an OTA site and the FC said we had to be able to hit out to 50km. This didn’t go so well as it turned out that only one NPC orbited at 50-60 km, and with the Inferno changes to Incursions the old tactic of blitzing this one NPC didn’t work anymore as it was constantly being repaired unless the Override Transfer Array is hacked. The other NPCs all swarmed in at about 10km and made my Tachyons useless. After that first site I reshipped using an Orca SMA back to my pulse fit, especially since we seemed to need extra webbing and my faction web could reach a bit further than the standard 10km. I switched to faction Ultraviolet crystals if I needed to hit further out, but most of the time Multifrequency was good enough.

So overall it was pretty fun and I’m finding the Nightmare pretty fun, if a bit slow after flying the Machariel. I even tried it out in a couple of level 4 missions just for the heck of it despite having non-optimal rigs.

With the tachyons, it really vaporizes Blood Raiders shockingly fast. As expected cap was a problem whenever I had to run the shield booster but running the cap booster solves that. I filled my entire cargo hold with 200 and 400 charges that I had picked up through salvaging, which was fine since I come back with a Noctis to loot anyway. Maybe cap will be less of an issue once I finally train T2 pulses.

My overall feelings about Incursions are mixed though. I love flying with my corpmates in a group op, but the Incursion content itself is kinda meh. Ripard Teg has said in one of his posts that he thinks Incursions are the hardest PVE content EVE has to offer, but I agree wholeheartedly with one of the commenters in this post. I haven’t flown a logistics ship in EVE yet (next thing on the skill plan after T2 lasers) so I can’t really speak from experience but from the sites I’ve done, Incursions don’t seem hard at all. In fact, like most combat in EVE, most of the work is done before you even start targeting the enemy. You just need a proper ship that is fit for buffer and resists (can even be a T1 battleship), an overview setup to display Incursion NPCs and tagged targets, and the ability to target and shoot what you are told to (this last could be a stretch for some people though). If you’ve raid healed in WoW, the “complicated” fights in Incursions are a total joke. There is very little you can do to DPS faster or heal better once in the site since there are no rotations or avoiding damage, just orbit and turn on mods (maybe overheat).

The other thing is that I feel Incursion rewards are way out of line for the almost nonexistent difficulty. 80-100 million ISK an hour absolutely dwarfs any other activity in game, with the possible exception of trading. Just look at the ridiculous number of Machariels, Nightmares and Vindicators floating around any Incursion constellation. These ships are becoming more common than certain unloved T1 ships. There are some players in our corp that have the economic sense of a concussed duckling yet have billions of ISK from running Incursions. It has been noted that nerfing Incursion income will simply make some players stop playing, which tells me that these players have been completely spoilt by the easy ISK that comes from these sites.

I don’t even know why this rubs me the wrong way, as I would normally never say no to easy ISK. I don’t even know if the inflation in the EVE economy is caused by the ISK faucet from Incursions. But somehow something seems wrong with the notion that a pilot who knows absolutely nothing can just fit his ship according to an Incursion guide and tag along with a fleet earning more than a billion ISK a day just following simple instructions like “shoot tags 0-9 followed by A-Z, don’t shoot J”.


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