Odyssey : Navy Raven vs Navy Scorpion vs Golem

Clash of the Caldari Cruises!

Seems like I get a fair bit of hits from people looking at the various combinations of CNR vs CNS vs Golem, and my old posts are woefully out of date so I thought it would be a good idea to do an updated comparison in light of the ship rebalancing changes.

Turns out that all 3 of them have very similar fits now, so I threw together fits for the Navy Raven and Navy Scorpion that are very comparable to my current Golem fit. And here they are…

Cruise Golem:
Golem - Yannie Faction Cruise Ex

Cruise Navy Raven:
Raven Navy Issue - Faction

Cruise Navy Scorpion:
Scorpion Navy Issue - Cruise Faction TP

Again, these fits aren’t tailored for each ship but rather intentionally chosen to be very similar so that I can compare each ship’s strengths and weaknesses. Frankly I don’t think there really is that much room for variation left anyway.

First of all, the biggest change in Odyssey is that all three ships do the exact same DPS (edit: I’ve since learned that the Navy Raven is still very slightly better in terms of damage application). The Navy Raven and the Golem have higher volley damage but the Navy Scorpion has a rate of fire bonus that makes it equivalent. It used to be that the Navy Raven had the higher damage of the three, but this is no longer the case. All three ships also have the same drone bay and bandwidth, so I’m going to ignore drones.

Second of all, you’ll notice that the Navy Scorpion is like a midway point between the Navy Raven and the Golem. It’s tank is better than a Navy Raven but worse than a Golem, it’s slow like a Golem and has poor scan resolution like a Golem but targets out to 112.5 km just like a Golem (compared to a Navy Raven’s 93.75 km), but has pretty good sensor strength like the Navy Raven.

So what does it all mean? I’ll break down the pros and cons by ship, and then examine how I’d personally choose among the three.

– Amazing tank
– Huge cargohold
– 3 utility slots with double tractor beam range (48km) and speed
– 4 doubled launchers means half the ammo cost (also cheaper to buy faction launchers but this is offset by increased price of the hull)

– Need to train Marauders…
– Very low scan resolution and sensor strength means long lock times and extreme vulnerability to jamming
– Lowest EHP by far at <70k
– Vulnerable to defender missiles at long ranges as each missile lost is 25% of damage

Navy Raven
– Most agile, 20% more speed and aligns 1 sec faster
– Good scan resolution and good sensor strength (targets frigates about 6 secs faster than Golem/Navy Scorpion)
– Can drop a CCC rig for something like targeting range rig or shield rig to help the tank
– Has better damage application to smaller targets due to better ship bonus

– NO UTILITY HIGH SLOT (have to fly to every mission container…)
– Shorter targeting range (not normally a problem anyway, and can be bumped up to similar levels with Large Ionic Field Projector rig as noted above)
– Chomps through cruise missiles, can get expensive if you want to use faction or T2 ammo
– Weaker tank means you need to spend more to get adequate defense, other 2 can get by with T2 boosters.

Navy Scorpion
– Looks way better than any recolored Raven model
– Very good tank
– Utility high slot
– Naturally high EHP at >120k

– Not as vulnerable to jamming, but still has Golem lock times
– Slighter better with ammo than Navy Raven, but not much
– Slowest of the three ships
– Needs rigor rigs vs small targets

How I would choose

My first consideration would be whether I could live without a tractor beam, or whether I intend to salvage at all. If I don’t intend to salvage anything (or am ok with coming back later with a Noctis) then a Navy Raven would be the best. You just warp in, shoot everything that needs to be shot, warp out and come back with another ship to pick up mission loot. If you want to salvage as you go then obviously the Golem is the best choice now that it can pack salvage drones too.

My second consideration would be whether I would primarily be fighting Guristas. Doing so solo in a Golem can be a bit aggravating due to the jamming. You’ll still get jammed no matter which ship you use, but the combination of easily jammed and long lock times is exceptionally bad.

And lastly, it would depend on the skills you currently have. A Navy Scorpion is easier for a newer pilot because it does the same damage as the Navy Raven but combines that with a stronger tank, meaning you’re less likely to lose it in those OH SHIT moments. With low skills and not much ISK a Navy Raven is dangerously thin-skinned, so you really need to know the missions pretty well. On the other end of the skill spectrum is the Golem. If you’re willing to train for Marauders, then a Golem is flat out better than a Navy Scorpion in almost every department except sensor strength. It combines the strongest tank with the same DPS, and if you’re not being jammed then it just locks stuff up a few seconds slower than the Navy Raven, while being able to provide a lot more utility.

2 thoughts on “Odyssey : Navy Raven vs Navy Scorpion vs Golem

  1. You used sub optimal fits.

  2. “Again, these fits aren’t tailored for each ship but rather intentionally chosen to be very similar so that I can compare each ship’s strengths and weaknesses. Frankly I don’t think there really is that much room for variation left anyway.”

    The lows are fixed, the highs are fixed, you only have some wiggle room in rigs and how many painters you want to fit. Or maybe you want to fit a MJD instead. That’s mostly it. It wouldn’t make sense to fit the Raven for glass-cannon MJD sniping and the Golem to tank everything and then say “oh the Raven has a poorer tank”.

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