Much ado about nothing

Honestly, when I first started posting again I told myself that I should try to stay clear of rants about stupid people. But sometimes the stupid is just overwhelming and I can’t help myself so here goes.

Over the weekend, it was found out that CCP had secretly given 30 Ishukone Scorpion hulls to employees of the EVE gambling site Somer Blink as a reward for working with CCP on an event ran by Somer Blink. That event also created a ragestorm but I digress…

In any case the EVE playerbase (or at least the noisy and belligerent portion of it, which is probably 80%) is up in arms about it. Again.

    Rabble rabble!

I wonder if it’s because EVE tends to attract people who have an anarchist, anti-authority streak. Or maybe it’s because the EVE playerbase has been basically static for many years, leading to this “bitter-vet” relationship with CCP where it seems cool to take any opportunity to shout in CCP’s ear “YOU GUYS SCREWED UP AGAIN YOU SUCK” all while dutifully buying another 6 months of PLEX.

As usual Jester has written a very level-headed piece explaining his take on the affair. And also as usual the munchkins have descended on him with flaming pitchforks in the comments section for daring to actually defend CCP (obviously because he’s a member of the CSM, not because… you know… he’s right).

The basic arguments against CCP can be broken down into 1) CCP should not give anything to in-game entities 2) it is favoritism 3) it shouldn’t be done in secret.


For the first part, the Ishukone Scorpion is inferior in every way to a regular T1 Scorpion (and no one claims a regular Scorpion is awesomesauce). It refines to 1 tritanium, so it doesn’t even have a baseline price. It’s only value is to collectors, and apparently the ship sells for 10-20 billion. Why? God only knows. So basically CCP gave each employee of Somer Blink some ISK. Well guess what, every time CCP changes anything in the game it’s giving some in-game entity some ISK. Up the veldspar requirements for ships? Everyone who held on to stocks of veldspar got some ISK. Buffed interceptors? Everyone who makes interceptors got some ISK. Someone commented in Jester’s post that it could be compared to CCP giving TEST 600B ISK just when they needed it to fight Goonswarm. And my reply to that is that sure they could, but why would they? I mean seriously why are people saying that CCP is not accountable when there is already the best reason for being accountable there is: CCP obviously will not as a company intentionally destroy their own livelihood. Gevlon claims that EVE markets are a zero-sum game where giving some people ISK automatically makes all others lose. Yes, this is theoretically true. In practice, do you think there is going to be any noticeable effect? (other than on the price of the Ishukone Scorpion, which if you were speculating on it then it sucks to be you because there is no rational price point for the item meaning there is always a tremendous risk of the price crashing) 600 billion is pretty much chump change in the context of the entire in-game economy, I don’t cry because my assets are devalued by 0.0002%.

2) CCP has a crush on Somer Blink

As usual people are mistaking equal opportunity for equality. As Jester notes, it’s not the first time CCP has given the Ishukone Scorpion to players for community work. You want an Ishukone Scorpion too? Go ahead and put a ton of effort into developing a well-run community site that’s used by a huge number of players. It’s not like the opportunity isn’t there. And for the people claiming that there were numerous other entities that do community work that didn’t receive gifts, well gee I guess that means CCP didn’t think they were important enough, tough luck. Not everyone gets a gold star just for writing a random EVE blog that no one reads (like me).

If CCP gave gifts to random pilots because they were high-school classmates of some developer and took Online Spaceships 101 together then you would have a case for favoritism. Saying Somer Blink didn’t “deserve” anything is just sour grapes, because no one other than CCP has any relevant say in what is deserving or not.


This part cracks me up the most. It’s amazing how well-suited many EVE players are to be middle-management personnel. Picture a committee meeting where 2 departments are discussing something, and a whining voice pipes up “I wasn’t informed of this!” “Well Dave, it didn’t have anything to do with you, Office Supplies isn’t involved in the project…” “Well we are an important part of the company, and I DEMAND that we be KEPT IN THE LOOP!” “Ok Dave, we’ll include you in the emails next time, do you have any input to the project now?” “Erm.. yes… it looks good, carry on.”

Honestly, what would be the difference? It was an event run by CCP and Somer Blink. If they had told everyone, there could only be 2 possible reactions from anyone not involved. 1) Raise a shitstorm. 2) “Erm, ok. Carry on.” How is this different from not telling everyone? The people demanding transparency are just asking for information for information’s sake, not because it’s actually important. What’s stopping CCP from doing under-the-table deals (that are actually significant)? The fact that if it gets out they face a public relations disaster, which is exactly what stops (some) companies in real life from shady deals, not the reams and reams of accounting policies and rules. Look at how much those regulations have stopped banks from having scandals…

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