Rubicon Marauders : Sneak peek on SiSi

So today the Rubicon patch was dropped onto the EVE test server Singularity (SiSi… not sure how this abbreviation makes sense). I’d never been on the test server before and thought this might be a good time to try it out and see how the new marauders perform.

Picked up the Bastion module on both my Golem and Paladin and tried them out. No new animations for the Paladin yet, but the Golem got a new look and let’s see if I can get this video working…

I like the new Golem. I’ve always been pretty OCD about making things regular (my Legos are always symmetric and have matching colors on all sides) so I never liked the god-awful drunken looking Caldari designs, especially the Raven model which looks like a giant bloated space tick to me. The new Golem looks meaner, and the tick head has been changed into a hammerhead (or platypus). Great improvement if you ask me, Golden Platypus ahoy!

The actual Bastion “transformation”… hmm. Extremely underwhelming if you ask me. I was expecting something more like the Rorqual… not just 4 missile covers flipping open. Oh well, pretty sure everyone will be sick of seeing Bastion transformations soon so it’s not a big deal.

Now onto the important stuff…

Speed nerf

Paladin/Golem (no prop) – 131.25 m/s
Paladin/Golem (Core A-Type MWD) – 892 m/s
Paladin/Golem (RF 100mn AB) – 350 m/s

Paladin/Golem (no prop) – 106 m/s
Paladin/Golem (Core A-Type MWD) – 715 m/s
Paladin/Golem (RF 100mn AB) – 278 m/s

Pretty significant speed nerf, about 20% for both MWD and AB. Aligning didn’t seem like that much of a problem, but acceleration/deceleration is noticeably slower. It takes a loooong time to reach the max MWD speed.

Cap nerf

Pre-Rubicon, my Paladin could run 4 T2 pulses, 2 T2 tracking computers, my Core X-type Large Armor Repairer and 2 armor hardeners and be 31% cap stable (after the MWD cap penalty). Now, the good news is that it’s still stable.. at 57%? Huh? I thought there was supposed to be a cap nerf… might be something funky with the Paladin. With the MWD running, I would previously run out of cap after 1m 52s. Now the EVE fitting window tells me I have 3m 33s. Hmm.

With the Golem, I could previously run the AB, 1 invul and 2 hardeners and be stable at 67.7%. Now I’m stable at 58.7%. Running my Gist B-type Large Shield Booster as well as the AB, cap time went from 5m 39s to 5m 4s. So this is a cap nerf indeed, although it doesn’t look too significant. I’m not sure how this would be for someone with no faction/deadspace mods, my AB and booster were both chosen to control cap use.

Bastion range bonus

Haven’t tested the tank bonus yet, so the only thing I can look at is the range bonus.

With my Paladin using Scorch, with 2 Tracking Computers with optimal range scripts I had 58/74 km optimal/falloff. With Bastion and the new optimal bonus this jumps to 94/112 km, pretty nice. Switching scripts to tracking gives me 77/89 km, which is plenty for most missions. However, without Bastion the new optimal bonus already gives me 80/96 when scripted for range and 61/71 when scripted for tracking. So this puts Bastion’s range bonus at about 17% for both optimal and falloff… looks like some stacking penalties may be in effect which makes the range bonus pretty weak. This, plus my previous test of the MJD style pushes me to conclude that I won’t use MJDs, it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

With the Golem… 350km cruises because cruises really needed more range. With T1 missile range rigs and missile skills maxed, my torpedo Golem used to shoot out to 40/60 for T1 and T2 javelin torps respectively. With Bastion torp range goes to 49/74. This might be enough to encourage more torpedo usage, but I doubt it especially in conjunction with the speed nerfs.

One thought on “Rubicon Marauders : Sneak peek on SiSi

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