So this morning I finished Minmatar Battleship 5. Noork had already made his way over to Jita 4-4 last night, eager to undock in his new toy…

Minmatar : Giant cannons with duct-taped sails

Minmatar : Giant cannons with duct-taped sails

I’m pretty paranoid about ganks on the Jita-Amarr route now, there seems to be more and more gankers coming up with creative ways to grief targets in high-sec. So I brought over a buffer tanked travel fit with a cloak and MWD to fly my Vargur back to Amarr space, taking the opportunity to also practise the cloak-MWD trick. I’ve gotten the hang of it pretty well I think, although I have no idea how effective it really is. On my screen I decloak for a fraction of a second before I warp but not sure if I’m actually decloaked earlier from the point of view of other players. I was probably being a bit over-cautious but I was travelling with a Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field and a couple of deadspace shield hardeners, only about 500M so shouldn’t really be worth ganking but better safe than sorry. In any case I made it back to my base with no issues. Wonder if I caused some gankers to sit up and take notice of this Vargur trying to sneak around?

As luck would have it, I had the Angel Extravaganza mission being offered by my level 4 agent, so I could immediately bring my Vargur out for a test drive. I’m still training Projectile Rigging 4, so couldn’t pop in my T2 Projectile Burst Aerator yet, which hurts the DPS quite a bit. Fit shown below:
Vargur - AC Deadspace Large Booster import 1

I’ve done AE twice recently with my Machariel and Golem, so this would allow a nice comparison between the performance of the Vargur and the Machariel. Swapped over most of the modules from the Machariel and off I went…

Golem and Vargur making friends

Golem and Vargur making friends

The results?

Angel Extravaganza : Vargur and Golem
Bounties : 30M
Salvage: 53M
Payout : 3M
LP : Don’t really care
Time taken : 1 hour = 86M ISK/hour

Took 15 mins less than my time with the Machariel and Golem, even without the T2 rig. Of course this was with salvaging everything. Having 3 more tractors helped with salvaging time immensely, despite the general disdain the EVE mission-running population has about the Marauder tractor bonus. Pretty sure this is faster than bookmarking 5 rooms and jumping 4 extra times to bring my Noctis.

But the real time-saver was actually the Vargur’s stupendous tracking. I specifically chose this fit with 1 TE and 2 TCs for the 70km range and 0.12 tracking, rather than going with another gyro which adds about 40 dps. I wasn’t really expecting to be able to nail frigates orbiting at 10km though… Kinda funny one-shotting them with a glancing blow. The real test came in the 4th room with the 2 spider drones. They close really fast and web the hell out of you, but it’s not actually dangerous since there’s only one puny battleship shooting at you. Fortunately they both went after the Golem, which meant the Vargur could pull away a bit and at 20km both spider drones got eviscerated by 800mm shells, with a little help from the Golem’s target painter.

The bonus room got a little hairy when I realised that I forgot to actually start my Vargur moving after it warped in… it sat there and took everything and was down to 40% shields before I noticed. Had to overheat the booster and almost ran out of cap but got through it (who needs Bastion anyway…)

Overall I’m really happy with my Vargur, even though on SiSi now the Vargur performs the worst (4 km falloff from Bastion… whoopdeedoo). Now I can trot out the Paladin against Sansha/Blood Raiders and the Vargur against everything else.


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