Peon mentality

So I think everyone has heard about the new Sisters of EVE faction ships coming in Rubicon. I love the concept myself, I’ve been trying to put together a cloaked Ishtar or Gila fit for trying out stuff in low sec and these new ships are pretty much what I was trying to achieve, with Amarr armor bonuses and Gallente drone bonuses. Not too hot on the Asteros frigate, but that Stratios… mmmmm.

So obviously I should hop over to Osmon and start grinding LP to get my hands on these goodies in Rubicon right?

This guy gets it!

This guy gets it!

It’s unbelievable how many people love farming for stuff. I mean, this is EVE, the game with the most complex and interconnected economy where everything can be bought for ISK. And yet the first reaction of soooo many people is “GOTTA GET THOSE LPS!!!”

So what’s wrong with LPs? They let you get the ship for free right? You just gotta put in the work! Well Mr. Opportunity Cost begs to differ. Because this is EVE, it’s pretty obvious that right away these ships are also going to be available on the market pretty much instantly. Sure, the prices will be sky-high in the few hours after the patch is first deployed and there will inevitably be a few complete idiots who buy at those prices. But if you can’t wait a couple of days, I’m not sure what you’re doing in a game like EVE where it’s commonplace to be planning in terms of months. I can’t see these ships going for much more than the current market price for T2 cruisers or faction cruisers, which is around 150-250M ISK. If you’re trying to grind LPs hoping to sell these when the patch hits… let’s just say I predict a SHIT TON of these ships are going to hit the market. It’s such an obvious speculation that I’m really leery of how much ISK you could make out of this (but I could be wrong…)

If you want these ships for your own use, your choice is to farm LP or farm ISK. I’m going to assume that the LP cost of the Stratios is similar to that of the Gila, which is 240,000 LP plus 15M ISK. What’s the ISK price of 240,000 LP? Normally a good LP conversion would be around 1000 ISK/LP, so that works out to a cost of 240M+15M = 255M for the hull… This is what paying for a Gila using LP currently costs. The ISK cost? 165M ISK… Unless the Stratios is going to consistently sell for more than 375M (giving a 1500 ISK/LP conversion), you’re better off just buying it with ISK and using LPs for something else. I find this LP calculator really useful in determining what you should spend your LPs on (obviously not a Gila).

Additionally, unless you’re intentionally only doing blitzing missions, LP is normally obtained at a much slower rate than ISK. Each level 4 mission normally gives between 8-9k LP. I’m going to assume 9k, which means that to get 240,000 LP requires 26.67 level 4s. Even if I got only 10M in bounties per mission, I would already be earning 266M ISK which is more than the ISK-value of the LPs. And that’s a pretty low assumption for the bounties which doesn’t include salvage etc. For my case, I do maybe 2 missions a night if I get time to play. So that would take me about 2 weeks. Whereas I get about 150M ISK a day just from updating trade orders for 15 minutes. Hmm.

But wait, why not do BOTH? You get both ISK and LP payouts from the Sisters, noob! Yes, but the biggest reason not to bother is this:

It's a warzone!

It’s a warzone!

107 ships destroyed in the last 24 hours. 18 pod kills. And that’s after the announcement of 2 additional Sisters security agents being added in Apanake and Lanngisi. Yeah, no thanks I’m not interested in feeding gankers just so I can be like these guys:

Farming Nike LPs

Farming Nike LPs

Farming for LPs is basically farming for a currency that can only be converted 1 way and is intrinsically less valuable than ISK. Not only that, you normally earn it slower than ISK since ISK can be gotten through doing anything in game. In this case, you’re also doing it in a hazardous environment with poor working conditions. I’d be much better off using that same time to just make ISK in whatever way I usually do. Of course, if no one farmed for LPs then the prices for these ships would skyrocket. But take advantage of the fact that there are always people who have too much time and not enough brains to know how to utilise that time. Instead of being a sweatshop worker, I’m going to be the customer who benefits from cheap goods.

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