Short term goals

Just wanted to list out my short term goals in EVE, since I’m getting old and my memory seems to be fading.

I’ve just finished training up Minmatar Battleship V on Noork, and T2 Projectile Rigs will finish training tonight. So now that my Vargur plan is basically complete, I have some options.

I’ve been reading evehermit’s blog and his tales about exploration have (again) inspired me to try this out. This time however, I will not limit myself to hi-sec! At least, that’s the plan. Till now I’ve practically never been out of hi-sec, except for a couple of wormhole ops and the odd popping in and out of a deserted low-sec system for researching blueprints. I’ve always had this impression of low-sec being choc-full of crazed pirates that will come barreling out of every station the moment I show up in local, with 24/7 gate camps and cloaked hostiles waiting at every DED site. However, I think I’m starting to realise that most of low-sec is just really empty. I’ve been flying around a bit in low-sec (with a stealth bomber, but hey that’s an improvement) and actually find that I’m not so terrified about it anymore, especially now that I’m well practised using cloak-MWD. Although I’m not sure why certain guides say you must use an Improved Cloaking Device… it looks like it’s working with a Prototype cloak, is there something I’m not getting?

The other reason was because I could never justify the benefit vs risk. It was always going to be more profitable for me to spend my time in hi-sec. However, with my recent installation of EVEHQ I now have a better understanding of the worth of my assets and my daily income. And I realised that I have A LOT OF ISK. So much that honestly the income doesn’t really matter at all. Shortly after I first started playing again, I lost my Mackinaw to 3 ganking Catalysts (wasn’t AFK, but wasn’t tanked either although I don’t think I could tank 3 Catalysts anyway). And I didn’t feel a single thing. 200M ISK gone? Ok. And shortly after that, I lost my Noctis to sheer stupidity in a mission (lets start salvaging, I’m sure these remaining rats won’t mi… oops). Again, no feeling. So it seems that I’ve finally begun to accept the fact that ships get blown up.

So, I’m training up Gallente Cruiser 5 now, to be followed by Heavy Assault Ships. The main plan is to be able to fly the Ishtar and explore around doing sites. I’m not all that interested in the rewards (although faction drops are always nice!) but more of learning how to do these sites and stuff. Evehermit uses a weird modified Tengu to do his exploration in, and I wanted something in the same vein. I have a Tengu as well with which I might follow in his footsteps if the Ishtar doesn’t work out. And of course, Gallente Cruiser V would come in handy for the new Stratios as well, which would be more suited for low-sec work with that Cov Ops cloak.

For my alt, I’m less clear about what to train her in. She has basically maxed missile and shield tanking skills, as well as Caldari Battleship V. I’m trying hard not to make her into a clone of Noork, but right now I’m leaning towards learning T2 sentries on her as well and maybe doing Ishtar training too. Unlike Noork she already has HAC 4 (not sure why…) but only with Caldari Cruiser V so she can only fly the Cerberus, which isn’t too exciting. Come to think of it, it could be a good idea to make her the exploration character. Fits in better with her “only PVE” role and she’s a better Tengu/missile pilot already anyway. Hmm. Maybe I’ll train up her scanning skills first, and use her with the Tengu as a trial run…

The other option would be to train Noork in more PVP skills and actually get out and PVP. I keep waffling about this though because my time in RvB basically showed me that I don’t get any enjoyment out of PVP at all. Looking back, I think this is my only solo kill but honestly I don’t even remember anything about it. It was a prearranged 1v1 and I think I just clicked orbit at 1000m, overheat guns DAKKADAKKADAKKA and it was over. Kinda a letdown. So not too sure about the PVP part, would probably just be a waste of time.

Anyway, Noork always has tons of stuff to train. He’s halfway through Salvaging V, Advanced Spaceship Command V, Surgical Strike V… yeah I’m indecisive 😦 Oh yeah and with the recent skill changes I actually need to train for T2 drone link augmentors and Omnidirectional Tracking Links, so those should go on the short term plan too.


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