Exploration journals – Part 1

I’ve been a bit busy trying to finish up a draft paper recently, so not that much time for EVE until a couple of days ago. And then I was too busy playing to actually write anything.

When I finally got some time to play, I tried out the Tengu Travesty fit that I first saw on evehermit. It still seems like such a godawful waste of a Tengu, but well since the nerf to heavy missiles my Tengu has just been sitting around whimpering softly in a lonely corner of my station anyway. Of course it probably objected even more to being dusted off and fitted with 4 rapid light missile launchers (meta 4, no skills for T2), a relic analyzer 1, data analyzer 1, cargo scanner and sent off to do puny hi-sec anoms and DED sites… Kinda like those horrifically dressed up poodles at dog shows.

Please kill me

I didn’t quite follow evehermit’s fit exactly. I swapped in the scanning electronic subsystem, but someone was trying to control the market for the Defensive – Adaptive Shielding subsystem in Amarr by buying them all out and relisting them for 20 million higher. I wasn’t willing to pay 80M ISK for that, so I just made do with my current shield boosting subsystem. This meant that I had 1 less high slot and 1 extra mid slot, so I went with 4 launchers and 1 salvager (no tractor) and an extra invul field in the mid (not that I needed it, but I really had nothing else to put there).

Originally I was going to wait a bit until I got Yannie’s scanning skills up a bit, but an Incursion popped up in my base constellation over the week. And the annoying Sansha brought along their mega-nerfs to defense and damage, as well as somehow cutting CONCORD bounties by 50%. So even if I weren’t busy, that would have put a serious crimp in any missioning plans anyway so that’s why I decided it would be a good time to give the exploration thing a try. Of course as luck would have it by the time I finished my work and could finally log on to play the incursion had ended… But I decided to go ahead with my plan anyway.

Overall I didn’t find anything worth much, but it was pretty fun. The first site embarassingly took me something like 15 minutes to scan down. Part of it was Yannie’s scanning skills all being around level 3, but admittedly 90% of it was just me having forgotten everything about how to adjust probe ranges and move them around etc. Being able to launch 8 probes at once is really nice, as is the instant recall of probes. It’s also nice being able to see all the signatures right away so you know if there’s anything worth scanning (at least I think it’s showing me everything…)

Besides the combat anoms, I also found a couple of relic sites and did the hacking minigame thing. I’m so bad at picking up the stuff that drops out, at first I thought I might be able to add the containers to my overview but no dice, seems like I have to manually pick and click on them one by one. Most of it was worse than crap, but I did get a XL-ASB BPC and a couple of skillbooks worth a few hundred K ISK.

What was more fun was that I did a 3/10 DED site for the first time. I scanned down a site called Asteroid Infestation and found that my Tengu wasn’t allowed to go in. However, as it was pretty close by my home base I decided to take out Noork and see what cruisers I had that could fit in the gate (like a Tengu is really fat…) My choices were Gila, Phantasm and a rusty old Rupture that I had from my RvB days, still fitted for PVP. So of course I chose the rusty glue-gun/hair-dryer.

Phased plasma is good for perms

Phased plasma is good for perms

This thing hadn’t even been undocked since it’s fitting layout was changed, so I had to swap out quite a few bits of stuff and make a bit of a detour to pick up ammo. It ended up taking a bit longer than expected but soon my Rupture was at the site with my Tengu.

The site was absolutely no challenge at all and my Rupture just flew everywhere blapping the innocent little drones. It was only in the 3rd room that I remembered that I was carrying 6 Hobgoblin IIs, after which it became like Pokemon drone wars except much more one-sided. No deadspace or faction loot dropped though, but it was still pretty fun since I had never done the site before and I always liked doing rogue drone missions since their ships and hives have really nice designs. Too bad they have shitty loot after the removal of drone poo and bounties for drone missions always suck since they have very few battleships and lots of swarms of little pesky… well.. drones.

Since that first day, I’ve done a few more anoms and did Asteroid Infestation again. Still no loot to speak of, but my scanning skills have improved markedly. I got pretty excited once after I jumped into Zimse and the scanner lit up like Christmas with signatures… then after scanning a few of them down I realised that Zimse was a COSMOS mission system and those were all lousy COSMOS containers with NPC battleships protecting them. I tried shooting them with the Tengu but with rapid light missile launchers fitted it wasn’t happening.

3 thoughts on “Exploration journals – Part 1

  1. Did the Travesty fit work though? 🙂 If you want to speed up your scanning, look at the Scan Rangefinding Array, Scan Pinpointing Array and Scan Acquisition Array modules. They fit in the mid-slots.

  2. Whoa I didn’t even know those modules existed 😐

    Actually I meant to talk more about the fit, but kinda got sidetracked thinking about another post. I call it a Travesty but honestly you’re 100% right in that it’s the perfect ship for the job. Nothing else cruiser sized has that combination of enough high slots for dps+probes+salvager+tractor and mid slots for 2 analyzer+cargo scanner, plus prop and tank. It totally mows through the frigates in those anoms, so I really can’t complain. Well, I guess it did sound like I was complaining haha it’s just so weird using a T3 for such a menial task, even though it does it so well.

  3. A Jack of all trades fit. Hope you have a little more luck with your drops. The base income is pretty low, but every so often you get a 100+M module drop to keep you interested.

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