Exploration diaries – Part 2

Last night I found myself with a bit of time for EVE since I was busy running some R code and couldn’t do any more work while waiting. So I ran a few level 4s but didn’t really draw anything special. Finished the Recon series and did a storyline trade mission to get a 20M ISK implant.

But what was more interesting was that there were 4 signatures in my base system. So out came my Travesty Tengu for some scanning. I’m getting a lot better at scanning now so in short order I’m warping to the first site, which turned out to be a relic/data site (forget which…). There were only 2 hackable containers, but they both turned out to contain decryptors, which wonder of wonders actually sell for more than a million i.e. not complete crap. I still have no real idea what I should be clicking on, but I tried to go for data/parts/materials and I think I got all the decryptors anyway.

Next site turned out to be a combat signature, aha! Mul-Zatah Monastery, hmm looks interesting although I keep mentally calling it Zul-Matah for some reason. 4/10 DED site, but once again my Tengu is not allowed through. I notice that battlecruisers are allowed and having never done a 4/10 site before I’m a bit wary of using my little Rupture. So I undock Noork to go pick up a battlecruiser while I continue scanning, finding another relic/data site with more decryptors.

4 jumps away I reach my main depot and sifting through my battlecruisers, my choices are Drake, Hurricane and Myrmidon. Haven’t flown the Drake since the nerfhammer hit it and the DPS looks abysmal, so scratch that. Hurricane also looks very lackluster now (sigh, obviously I had them since they were the most popular before and now they’re pretty weak comparatively). So out came my Myrmidon, albeit after some fit jiggling since I seem to have lost a high slot in exchange for another mid. Ended up packing 4 720mm arties, 2 omnidirectional tracking links, 2 drone damage amps, a medium armor repairer, damage control, and 2 EANMs. Main firepower provided by 4 Garde IIs.

Move aside Tengu, you're too fat to fit

Move aside Tengu, you’re too fat to fit

Upon warping in to the site, my first thought was “wow that’s a lot of red stuff”. 21 cruisers and god knows how many missile batteries, including a few stasis towers. Good thing I decided to reship as I think my Rupture would have definitely been ruptured instantly if I tried to close to autocannon range. However, my Myrm just sat there and dropped 4 Gardes which then happily started popping everything at 45+km away. The last cruisers managed to get within 9km before dying and I had to pull in 1 Garde a couple of times, but nothing exciting happened. Nothing exciting happened either when I popped the Inner Sanctum structure, only getting some Overseer junk again. However when I pulled in close to loot the webs plus remaining sentry and missile batteries ripped through my tank pretty alarmingly, until I dropped Gardes again to have a sentry-vs-sentry battle. So it looks like I definitely need a bit more of a tank for 4/10 sites and up.

The last signature was another combat site, Asteroid Infestation again. So out came the Rupture which blew through the industrious drones the same as the last 2 times. And again nothing dropped, which given my history with loot drops is nothing out of the ordinary.

Given the success of the Myrm, I’m considering bringing my Gila to do combat sites. Has a stronger tank and higher damage, while being able to access both 3/10 and 4/10 sites. When I finish my Ishtar training I’ll probably switch to the Ishtar since the missiles on the Gila are pretty much worthless.

5 thoughts on “Exploration diaries – Part 2

  1. I use a Gila – its a good ship for High Sec DED sites. I suspect I will change over to the SoE cruiser though when it is available and priced somewhat reasonably.

  2. Yeah I find it kind of hard to fit a Gila though nowadays. Before the drone damage amps it was easy to fit a monster passive tank, but now there’s so much stuff I want to put on there. I’m going to try a 200 dps active tank with 3 DDAs and see how that works out. Still forced to put a CPU rig on…

  3. Never found DPS to be an issue with DED 3/4’s and the Gila. Maybe something like this?

    [Gila, AB DED 3-4 Fit]
    Drone Damage Amplifier II
    Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
    Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
    Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I

    10MN Afterburner II
    Large Shield Extender II
    Large Shield Extender II
    Omnidirectional Tracking Link I
    Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier
    Pithum A-Type Thermic Dissipation Amplifier

    Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Heavy Missile
    Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Heavy Missile
    Heavy Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Heavy Missile
    Small Tractor Beam II
    [empty high slot]

    Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
    Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
    Medium Core Defense Field Purger II

    Ogre II x5

    On my skills doesn’t require fitting skills, tanks 345dps, and does 633dps

    You can fit an extra drone damage amp on by dropping the tractor beam. Changes to 262 / 748dps. Might want to be careful though, there are some DED complexes which can put out a lot of initial DPS.

  4. Hmm that’s a pretty nice fit, I’ve actually forgotten all about my Ogre II’s since I got T2 sentries but they might be useful in these sites. Actually I just remembered why I put a CPU rig on my Gila in the first place, I have another fit that uses a LASB that tanks 450 dps and does 751 with Gardes. The downside is having to carry cap booster charges… hmmm.

  5. […] some CPU by using a deadspace one. I had never tried arty before but the other night when taking my Myrm out for a spin I actually used some 720mm arties and oh my god THAT RELOAD TIME. And the 1400mm arties are […]

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