Rubicon Deployables : Tidbits

I read on Low Sec Lifestyle about Sugar Kyle’s experiences at EVE Vegas. Kudos to her for putting up with all the annoying parties and bar hopping. Reading about it just reminds me of how much I hate such social events, including the drinking and smoking, loud music, meeting random strangers whose names I forget in 10 seconds.

She picked up a lot of useful information though, and was kind enough to tell her readers about it. One of the things that got me a bit more excited are some details on the new deployable structures. I’ve been kind of reserved about these due to the lack of details on how they will work, mostly the volume occupied, cost and whether they are reusable. A lot of brainless chimps in the Marauder rebalance thread cheerfully declared that the tractor beam bonus was useless because the amazing tractor beam structure would solve all their problems, without knowing a single thing about it. I kinda chuckled when it was revealed that it would only be able to tractor stuff 1 at a time at normal speeds.

Well now we have some more details!

1) The tractor beam structure will tractor and loot legal wrecks one at a time. The good thing is it is reusable, and when scooped it drops a can with the stuff looted. Estimated cost is about 5 million ISK, with a volume of 50m3 which is pretty nice. Lifespan of about a day.

2) The depot structure will also be 50m3 and has a capacity about the same as a Giant Secure Container. Estimated cost is 500-600k ISK and it allows you to store stuff or refit your ship. Also reusable, meaning it drops a can with the contents when scooped (or shot). Has a lifespan of about a month.

3) Cyno jammer is estimated at 20 million ISK, one time use. Doesn’t stop covert cynos, and can’t be deployed within 200km of another jammer.

4) Siphon unit has it’s own dev blog already anyway so nothing new there.

Supposedly the deploying time is about 45 seconds, which is longer than I hoped for but still I’m getting pretty excited about these. Especially the depot in conjunction with the new Marauders…

As I see it, if you’re going to be immobile in Bastion anyway then it’s a perfect time to plonk down a depot + tractor structure right next to you. This solves quite a few problems that I see with Bastion. Namely, depending on the situation I can easily swap out MJD and other prop mods, or change from short range weapons to long range weapons. E.g. on Worlds Collide first room, I can start off with a MJD and jump right into range and immediately plonk down a depot. If targets get too close, refit to short range weapons (and even possibly triple webs for frigates). NPCs don’t shoot at deployable structures anyway, so they should be safe unless you decide to smartbomb or something. If incoming damage gets heavy, you can refit to a heavier tank. And if you don’t want to do triangulation jumps, when you’re almost done you can swap out the MJD to MWD before scooping the depot and just fly to the next gate.

If this really works out, I will be very interested to fly my Marauders with Bastion and MJD. It will really allow a lot of flexibility for different types of missions, while previously the limitations of Bastion were sort of pushing everyone into a sniping style.


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