Exploration diaries – Part 3

I seem to be fortunate that my base system has a couple of dead-end systems within a couple of jumps. These dead-end systems don’t get as much traffic, other than the missioneers sent there by the nearby agents. So sometimes I can find a good number of signatures and anoms there.

I was actually just looking for a couple of data or relic sites since I didn’t have that much time to play. However, I just kept turning up combat signatures. The first was a drone signature called Desolate Site. My Tengu warped to the gate and started scanning for the rest of the signatures while Noork made his way over in the Rupture. However, while he was in transit I idly pressed warp on the Tengu and to my great surprise it actually went through the gate. At this point I’m thoroughly confused as to what is allowed through which kind of sites. EVElopedia says only cruisers and tech 2 versions allowed… but well I’m not complaining. After a bunch of missile spewing mayhem I killed the Sentient drone thingy and that finished the site. Drone sites seem to be not worth doing because there are no faction item drops, only T2 salvage (got about 500k ISK from the Sentient wreck).

Next site, however, was a 3/10 DED site called Blood Raider Intelligence Collection. By this time my Rupture had made it over so it proceeded in. And promptly proceeded to get WTF TRACKING DISRUPTED BY 15 FRIGATES. This proved to be the theme for all 4 rooms of the site, and my poor Rupture was reduced to a crippled Vexor and spent all its time managing the 6 Hobgoblin IIs and randomly webbing frigates that got within 10km. I’m beginning to get the hint that a Rupture isn’t really a good choice here, and I should really go and refit my Gila. Gallente Cruiser V finishes in 6 days and after that is HAC to level 4, so I was being kinda lazy and just waiting for my Ishtar. But man oh man was that annoying. The Dark Blood Agent at the end didn’t drop anything (as usual) other than the umpteenth set of Overseer toothbrushes and disposable underwear.

The last site before I had to go was another Desolate Site, so once again the Tengu was sent in to obliterate defenceless drones. This time however was a bit more interesting as the escalation “Mare Sargassum” popped. I’ve never encountered an escalation before, but I’m a bit wary that the last step is supposed to occur in low sec. Not sure if that’s worth doing, I guess I’ll wait and see which low sec system it pops in and if it’s fairly deserted it shouldn’t be an issue bringing a cheap cruiser in. Definitely not the Tengu though…

2 thoughts on “Exploration diaries – Part 3

  1. In my experience, that escalation is the least profitable you can do by a fair margin.

  2. Bah… maybe I won’t bother then. It also seems to involve a fair bit of jumping around multiple systems, which is a definite time waster if there aren’t worthwhile rewards.

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