Bastion Animations

When I previously wrote about testing out the new version of Marauders on SiSi I didn’t realise that CCP’s script to give the skills needed for Bastion also gave me all four racial Battleship skills. So I popped onto SiSi again and bought all 4 marauders to see what they looked like. Plus the Golem got another new look, so now that old video is outdated.


Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this. Is it just me or does the Paladin look like a giant, red-helmeted, veined throbbing… thing. Before I tested this out, I was just thinking it would be perfect if Bastion made two big round spheres deploy at the base of the ship. Only to find out that Bastion really did make two things deploy at the base of the ship…

Those damn horny space priests… I tried out a Tachyon beam fit, but discovered that CPU is really tight with MWD. I can’t even fit 3 tractors on. Doesn’t seem to be much I can do to reduce CPU, even with deadspace mods. Has insane range with 2 TCs and Bastion (I think it was like a 70+km optimal with faction MF) but I don’t see myself sniping with it and probably will still go with pulses.


I still like the platypus/hammerhead much more than space tick look. Also like the new color scheme more, the gold was just kinda gaudy.


I care so little about the Kronos that I couldn’t even be bothered to fit it, just slap a Bastion on it and off we go… Given that this was the first thing they showed off, I expected the best transformation but really it’s barely noticeable. CCP must have a very low “cool” threshold.


And finally what seems to be shaping up to be the red-headed stepchild of Marauders. The Vargur gets a new all-black look, but I like the look on TQ now a lot better, the red highlights seem to give it a mean air that is lacking now. Also the Bastion transformation seems to be broken (or my eyes are). From forum posts it seems that an armor plate is supposed to rise up and cover the sails, but I don’t see anything happening.

Similar to the Paladin, I tried out a 1400mm arty fit and found that CPU was really tight. Especially with an XL shield booster, although I could probably save some CPU by using a deadspace one. I had never tried arty before but the other night when taking my Myrm out for a spin I actually used some 720mm arties and oh my god THAT RELOAD TIME. And the 1400mm arties are supposed to be a lot worse. So right now it’ll probably still be 800mm autocannons, meaning Bastion does nothing for the range. I’m finding it a bit hard to come up with any changes to the fit post-Rubicon. Not sure if 2 Tracking Enhancers, 2 unbonused webs and the hull tracking bonus would be enough for a Vargur to hit orbiting frigates while Bastioned.

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