Restocking on PLEX

And just after talking about my spending spree, I went and restocked on 6 PLEX. Ouch, there went 3.5 billion ISK.

PLEX prices have been crazy the past couple of months. When I came back to EVE sometime in late August, I bought 6 PLEX for my 2 accounts. At the time I think it was 540 million ISK per PLEX. I still remember when I first started playing EVE more than 3 years ago, PLEX cost less than 300 million. Since then prices have steadily climbed upwards.

When I saw the announcement of a Halloween PLEX sale, I figured that the prices might come down a little. Little did I know there was a triple whammy of the Halloween sale, the 3 PLEX for $5 sale, and the SOMER 1 billion ISK incentive per GTC. When prices dropped from 620 million to 580 million, I thought it was a good time to buy. Now I’m slightly regretful that I didn’t wait longer, but weekend prices seem to be holding at 570 million so I guess it wasn’t too bad, you can never time the market perfectly anyway. So now I’m set for at least 3 more months. My wallet is looking quite a bit emptier now but it’s a necessary expense anyway and I try to console myself that I still make more than enough (transaction trading report for October in EVEHQ puts me at 5.3 billion profit, but I also spent a lot on deadspace/faction modules).

Sometimes I wonder what’s the ratio of people who PLEX their subscriptions vs those who pay for them. Where do all these PLEXs come from anyway, are there really so many people who will spend cash just to get ISK? It’s a very alien notion to me, especially in a game like EVE where you can so easily lose your fancy PLEXed ship for nothing. I’d guess the introduction of incursions and faction warfare easy-mode ISK has probably dramatically increased the number of people who PLEX their subscriptions, but still someone somewhere out there has to be supporting them with cash…

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