Some more information has been released regarding the new tractor structure coming in Rubicon. And some of the reactions of the EVE playerbase have been really hilarious.

When the tractor structure was first announced, so many people immediately started screaming that the Noctis and Marauder tractor bonus was now useless, despite not knowing a single thing about it. It wasn’t known how big the structure would be, what the range was, how much it cost, whether it was redeployable etc etc.

Then during EVE Vegas some preliminary details were discussed, such as estimated cost of about 3 million, volume of 50-100 m3, deploy time of 45 secs and could only tractor 1 thing at a time. And could be scooped. People in the Marauder thread started making plans about dropping a bunch of these in every mission room and coming back with a Noctis to salvage (honestly why fly a Marauder if you’re not going to salvage on the go?)

Now that some have become available for testing on SiSi, some players were helpful enough to post about their experiences. They have a volume of 100 m3, jet can capacity and tractor at 1000 m/s (slower than Marauder tractors). They also can’t be placed within 5 km of another tractor structure. They have a range of 125 km (can be sensor damped for laughs apparently) and most importantly… they take 10 seconds to start tractoring another wreck after finishing with one. Oh and they currently don’t work unless a player is on grid, although this is supposed to be a bug.

So a major problem with this structure is that you literally cannot place more than 1 in a room, because multiple structures end up spending their time taking turns ping-ponging a wreck in between them. You cannot choose which wrecks to tractor, and the 10 second delay is a real killer because it can be wasted tractoring something 6 km away.

Of course now the very same people who have been loudly shouting for the removal of the Marauder tractor bonus because this structure is going to be so incredibly awesome are up in arms saying that this structure is completely useless and no one would ever use it.

Apparently in EVE there are only 2 states for everything : either it’s completely OP or it’s completely useless.

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