“I was there” syndrome

One of the biggest selling points of EVE has always been it’s sandbox design, where the actions of an individual can have far-reaching consequences in contrast to “themepark” MMOs where you can kill a raid boss week after week and nothing changes. CCP knows this very well and in fact constantly emphasizes the point in all it’s interactions with the playerbase. The CSM is also a well-publicized vehicle for players to make their voices heard and have an impact on the game (no matter what you think the CSM actually accomplishes).

Yesterday it suddenly struck me that this is possibly one of the contributing factors in why so many players are so quick to jump on the anti-CCP bandwagon whenever any issue, no matter how trivial, pops up. Just like how so many college students like to take part in protest rallies, or most of the people involved in the Occupy XXX movement, they most probably do not really care all that much personally about whatever issue is at hand. However, taking part in the protest is a chance to be a part of something that will be remembered. It is a chance to be able to say “Remember Monoclegate? I was there…” It is a chance to feel that they can make CCP back down and change the game in some fashion. Anything can be turned into an excuse to shoot the Jita monument, because moments like these are exactly what CCP has advertised that the game will provide.


2 thoughts on ““I was there” syndrome

  1. It is an interesting idea, and might cover the motivations of a small number of people. I personally suspect the reaction can be attributed to people being more self-absorbed and having less inhibitions.

  2. Well yes, the cynic in me also agrees that it’s probably more likely that its because most people are behaviorally identical to poop-flinging monkeys, but it just seems like this sort of thing seems to happen much more in EVE than in other MMOs. Then again CCP does seem to be rather more involved in the EVE community than saw, Blizzard with the WoW community so in a sense it’s natural that they’re more exposed to this kind of vitriol.

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