That went well

I wasn’t originally planning on attending the live event in Sarum Prime since I couldn’t be sure that I would be available. However, the night before I sort of went over my ships and refitted my MJD Dominix with cheap T2 modules just in case, since Sarum Prime is within 8 jumps of my base system.

Turns out that I logged on about 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the event, so I slowly made my way over after buying basic insurance for my Dominix (lets say I had a bad feeling about it). All went well until I reached Ashab. At the gate to Amarr, which is 1 jump out from Sarum Prime, I received a message that all gates into Amarr were closed due to traffic. Gee, not even a queue, just flat out DENIED. What kind of immigration checkpoint is this… Anyway I set my autopilot to avoid Amarr and that sent me on another 8 jump loop.

The next system in line was Penirgman, my old mission hub. And for the first time I encountered the unspeakable horror of Time Dilation.

Flies in amber

Flies in amber

Just a day before I’d read about TAGN’s “fight” in KW-I6T and now I fully sympathize with him. Honestly I don’t know how anyone can bear to show up for more than 1 fleet fight in null-sec with TiDi on. A lot of people praise EVE for working with a single shard and massive fleet fights but in my opinion I wouldn’t call anything with TiDi on “working”. I think a hard coded cap on the number of pilots in a system would be a much better approach and would even promote more smaller scale fights around the place rather than a massive slow motion dogpile.

In any case, my Dominix was crawling along when some people in local wrote that the next staging system was in Ihal. I put that in my autopilot and groaned when I found out it was 28 jumps away in Minmatar space. Nonetheless I gamely tried to proceed… for 4 systems. 10% TiDi all the way, and I had yet to even make it out of Domain. At this point I still had 24 jumps to go, so I admitted my soul crushing defeat at the hands of TiDi and docked in the nearest station.

Someone was streaming the event from Ihal too on twitchtv, but once they started moving they hit massive TiDi as well and it also became apparent that they were heading for null-sec. At this point I completely lost interest as I guessed that it would just end up with two blobs of ships shooting each other in null, so I closed the stream and went on with my work.

Since it turned out that they were all just lambs being led to the slaughter, I guess it was good that I was the poor little sheep that lost its way. I really wonder how many people brought blinged out PVE ships there. I know The Valhalla Project was putting together a fleet of “incursion ships or whatever you can afford to lose” but I didn’t see any of their ships. Guess that’s one way to combat inflation, organised mass seppukku.


2 thoughts on “That went well

  1. In null sec, once you let go of expectations, assume everything is going to be a fiasco, and become more interested in the journey, it isn’t so bad. There is something about sharing adversity with others that makes it sort of okay. Did you see that video I put up about a year back of all of us flying through 10% tidi for system after system? Nobody was raging, we were all making jokes about it and generally laughing.

    You basically have to be enjoying just hanging out with a team and take any actual kills as an upside.

    That said, I couldn’t do something like that KW-I6T fight every night. There is only so much adversity that I can share before I am full up!

  2. I think I never fully grasped the effect of TiDi on even simple actions like warping or turning on modules. Experiencing it for the first time just makes me wonder how so many people can take staring at a basically non-moving screen for what seems like ages. I’d imagine something like a big fleet fight would require the participants to be logged on for something like 5 hours straight, not to mention the forming up and deployment time (just like in the army, it seems to be hurry-up-and-wait).

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