Welcome change

CCP Ytterbium just posted that High Energy Physivs IV has been dropped from the skill requirements for the Bastion module. Instead, being able to fly Marauders will let you use the Bastion module as well.

This is something that I asked for in the Marauder threadnaught as well, because High Energy Physics IV simply made no sense and served no purpose other than being an arbitrary skill that needed to be trained. It did not benefit the performance of the ship in any way. Furthermore, one of the major downsides of Marauders has always been the extremely lengthy skill training times. In fact, some people have noted that a new player can get into a carrier faster than they can get into a Marauder. Since Bastion mode is being made an integral part of Marauders, in effect leaving High Energy Physics in would just mean adding yet another skill to the list of Marauder pre-reqs.

Of course, this being the Internet and all a couple of retarded pilots were quick to defend the inclusion of HEP 4 when I mentioned this in the Marauder feedback thread. One German idiot even went so far as to say he agreed that HEP 4 made no sense and was an arbitrary choice, but still it should be the skill requirement for Bastion. Say what? It makes no sense, but it should still be there? Impeccable reasoning on display right there. His rational was “you can always undock and fly a Marauder without Bastion”. I can also undock and fly a stealth bomber without a Cov Ops cloak, guess how good an idea that is.

My guess is, despite CCP’s clear-cut warning that Bastion skills could be changed, he was one of the many silly people that went ahead and trained HEP 4 early on. Guess reading is still a helpful skill in life. One person even posted that he can’t stand it when CCP “gives warnings that only serve to cover their asses later on”. Poor CCP, it really reminds me of those appliance manufacturers that have to make warning labels saying “Do not stick tongue in socket” because otherwise they’ll get sued by some idiot.

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