Rubicon fits

The latest EVE expansion, Rubicon, has launched today. I didn’t play around with fits too much on the test server because the changes were perpetually in flux. Now that it has launched, I downloaded the updated EFT to play around a bit with my Marauder fittings and the Stratios. Unfortunately Bastion module prices are ridiculous now so I intend to wait a bit before trying these fits out. The mineral price of the module is about 4-5 million, but the modules are selling for 18 million in Amarr. I’m not going to buy the 50 million BPO just to make 3 modules and I’m pretty sure the prices will go down since it’s a 1 per ship thing and there aren’t THAT many marauder pilots.


Paladin is a real monster in Amarr space. With the 2-slot tank, I get a 352 dps tank out of Bastion and a 1006 dps tank when Bastioned. Pulses with Scorch give me 80/96 optimal/falloff range out of Bastion, 95/113 in Bastion for 821 dps. I can switch to Conflag at 32/50 in Bastion for 1150 dps.

I love Scorch

I love Scorch

If I use Tachyons, I can get significantly higher numbers. IN MF crystals give me 973 dps at 70/115, while IN Gamma gives 892 dps at 87/132. However, in exchange the fitting with Tachyons is pretty tight (have to downgrade a tractor beam to tech 1, or use a faction heat sink for not much gain). Also, the capacitor use with IN MF Tachyons is more than double that with Pulses. It’s still sufficient but may run into trouble in missions with heavy neuting.

Although Tachyons ain't bad either...

Although Tachyons ain’t bad either…

Right now I’m still undecided given I normally use the Paladin to pop smaller stuff while the Golem shoots battleships, so pulses may still be the way to go since they fire faster. Both fits have dual prop since they can actually shoot 100km out, so MJD might be useful as a get-out-of-point card.


Bastion freed up 2 mid-slots and I swapped in one of my faction invulnerability fields as well as my new Gist X-type Large shield booster. This gives me a respectable 402 dps tank outside Bastion, which jumps to 1081 in Bastion. With the free slots I put in another target painter to help with orbiting frigates that don’t get popped by the Paladin/Vargur, and a MJD. Golem benefits the most from the MJD sniping style since cruises have no range limit, but in exchange there’s no way to really pump up the damage short of using Furies or faction ammo, which I don’t like as I’m lazy to resupply. Also swapped out the AB for a MWD for greater speed when out of Bastion.

No damage increase :(

No damage increase 😦


Vargur gets the short end of the stick with regards to range. To make it feel a bit better, I’m going to plonk the 700 million Gist XL Booster on him and go with a 2 slot tank with a faction invulnerability field. This gives me a 4 min 695 dps tank vs Angels outside Bastion, and a totally ridiculous 1923 dps tank in Bastion. Switched out the damage control for another gyrostabilizer, and for now I’m probably going with triple Tracking Computers. Not sure how useful MJD would be for the Vargur, since it can’t shoot that far, but if I find that the third TC isn’t much benefit then I might put a MJD on just for convenience.

I like big numbers

I like big numbers


The news that the Stratios lost 25 mb bandwidth took me by surprise and honestly took a lot of my desire for this ship with it. But playing around in EFT the figures seem to be reasonable, although I think it would be hard pressed to complete any harder sites solo. The Garde IIs give me 531 dps at 52/64 optimal/falloff. CPU is really tight though and I don’t think my rigs are ideal. I plan on carrying a mobile depot to refit to relic/data analyzers as needed. Ideally I’d want Yannie in this ship scouting ahead in low sec with the Ishtar following behind. However, that means I have to train Yannie in Sentry drones as well as Amarr and Gallente Cruiser, so that’s probably a long time away. Stratios prices are ridiculous now anyway so we shall see.

I mourn for Garde 5...

I mourn for Garde 5…

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