Nice to be back home

So in my previous post I mentioned taking my Ishtar and Nighthawk out on a trip to visit Sisters of EVE agents. This was after quite a bit of hemming and hawing on my part because it was still quite a bit of hassle just to get some measly LPs, but in the end I just decided to disregard common sense and at least get the standings for level 4s first, since more standings are always useful.

Thus began a 20+ jump journey from Amarr space back to soothing Caldari blue. Along the way there were some shenanigans going on at the Madiirmire gate with some battleships, battlecruisers and assorted other ships shooting at each other, however me being me I just gave them the Carebear Stare and moved along. The less time spent in the vicinity of Niarja/Madiirmire/Kaaputenen, the better.

After a few level 2s, I suddenly remembered about the Sisters of EVE epic arc mission, The Blood-Stained Stars, which I had last did more than 3 years ago when I first started playing. The epic arc gives SOE standings, and I remembered having a hard time with Dagan all those years ago in my Cormorant. Hmmm… payback has been 3 years in the making…

Of course, Arnon was another 15+ jumps away in Gallente space. So off I went again… jump… jump… jump… Finally back in Arnon and I started blitzing through the missions with both characters. Apparently only Noork had done it before, as Yannie had negative standings (-0.02 somehow) with SOE. Unfortunately there were quite a few courier missions involving stations 8 jumps away, so there was a whole lot more jump… jump… jump. Except twice I forgot to actually accept the mission on Noork before undocking and travelling all the way, so that was EVEN MORE jump… jump… jump.

Drake just doesn't look menacing

Drake just doesn’t look menacing

After finishing the rogue drone portion of the mission, I was all pumped to take on Dagan. Except a quick check of the wiki showed that I was barely at the halfway point of the 50 mission arc, and I still had to travel all the way to Minmatar and Amarr space before coming back to Arnon. Arrgh ok that was too much jumping for me, so I sincerely assured Sister Alitura that I would meet her contact in Hek, after which I immediately set my autopilot to Simela instead. Why Simela? It had both a level 2 and level 3 SOE security agent, so at least after getting standings for level 3s I wouldn’t have to go traipsing around again.

After another 15+ jumps I docked in Simela, where I spent a couple of days blitzing through level 2s and then level 3s for both characters. This was pretty fun since the Nighthawk and Ishtar are completely overpowered for this level, with the Nighthawk having a passive 476 dps tank and the Ishtar’s sentries providing 660 dps. Didn’t bother looting most of the time but they sure do die fast. I particularly enjoyed doing Blockade and Pirate Invasion a few times. Warp in, deploy sentries and blap blap blap. The Nighthawk was less powerful with weak heavy missiles, but it was practically unkillable.

Breaking the Blockade by blapping

Breaking the Blockade by blapping

After I finally raised my standings to 5 to be able to access level 4s, I was all set to make the journey back to swap to my Marauders when Yannie received notification of a 10 part storyline mission for SOE. Unfortunately it was another 14 jumps in the wrong direction to Sheroo, but what the hell its a storyline mission. So off I went… jump, jump, jump. Oh look, more 8 jump courier missions…

It was while Yannie was doing her UPS routine that I saw tons of people asking for help in Sosh to kill Dagan. Dagan, destroyer of hopes for newbies. So I asked one of them to fleet up with my Ishtar and I warped in to give him a hand. No idea how long he had been going at it but 5 Garde IIs took Dagan’s shields out in 2 salvoes and that was it. So I got my revenge on Dagan after all.

Finally, after everything was over I set both ships on autopilot for the 24 jump trip back to my home base. Of course I disabled autopilot for the Niarja portion and warped to 0 even though my ships aren’t really blinged out. By the time I finally docked I was so relieved to be back in this familiar station with all my stuff. I had originally intended to refit my Marauders to be purely T2 and go do SOE level 4s in Lanngisi. But now that I was back… staring at that 27 jump trip in battleships… suddenly all the motivation went out of me. I could always fly there in fast frigates and buy a couple of T2 fit Marauders in Hek, but Marauder prices have really spiked since Rubicon and it seemed like a waste to do so and leave another 3 billion ISK in assets there.

So for now I’m going to enjoy being back home. As a welcome home present, my favourite security agent even offered me Angel Extravaganza! First time doing this in Rubicon Marauders, so out came the Golem and Vargur.

Angel Extravaganza (Bastion style)
Time: 52 minutes
Bounties : 30M
Loot : 29.9M (no implant drop)
Mission rewards : 3M

Total of 75.5M ISK/hour. Surprisingly it took 8 minutes less, even with me fiddling around resetting my PI extractors in the middle of one of the rooms. The big time saver is actually the mobile tractor unit, which works pretty good if I try to keep tractoring in stuff in Marauder tractor range so that the mobile tractor unit busies itself pulling in the further wrecks. The last room was particularly enjoyable as I simply warped in, moved a few km off to allow for plonking down double mobile tractor units, and activated Bastion. The Vargur tanked like a small planet with my XL booster, and I never even went below 60% cap. The cloud of 10 salvage drones busied themselves buzzing around the wrecks constantly being tractored in with 8 combined tractor beams, and by the time the last enemy battleship popped the field was largely clear of everything. Angel Extravaganza is always fun, and now it’s even more easy and fun (would have been better with an implant from the 4th room though).

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